Netflix is ​​dropping the Vince McMahon documentary

According to Dennis Salcedo of F4Wonline, a Docuserie dedicated to Vince McMahon that was supposed to be produced and published by Netflix could have been postponed.

A source from Netflix has reportedly confirmed to Salcedo that the series is no longer included in the company’s upcoming plans, while another source from Netflix will add a heavier comment, “That me*da is out. Here.”

A news related stop?

And although the news is currently just mindless, and therefore there are no official statements explaining the reason for this stop, it is certainly not difficult to imagine the reasons behind this decision. To be sure, recent investigations have not done well with the image of Vince, including of course the recent Wall Street Journal article, according to which Vince McMahon paid a total of $12 million to keep any allegations of sexual misconduct against him under wraps. athletes.

However, the series was already in an advanced stage, with filming already completed and thus in post-production. To confirm this is the same source again:

Another source stated that the project was already in “deep” post-production, that several talents were interviewed during the month, and that millions had already been spent. I spoke to one of the producers of the project, but he did not want to deny or confirm anything.
The project was first announced at the third-quarter earnings call in 2020. WWE announced that it had reached a “groundbreaking deal” with Netflix for a documentary about Vince McMahon.

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In an interview in February, WWE interim president and CEO Stephanie McMahon said the series would offer WWE fans a glimpse into her little-known father, like growing up in a parking lot.

“You will learn things you never learned about Vince McMahon. This is his story, this is his life, and it is an unknown story. My father grew up in a trailer park in North Carolina. Not many people know that.”

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