Christmas Castle, Netflix movie review

Every Christmas atmosphere is contained in a castle Den DunbarScottish palace in the middle Christmas castlea new movie Marie Lambert out on Netflix. Between love, snowy landscapes, and sparkle, the film joins many to watch over the holidays. But is she really able to stand out?

Fluffy texture of castle for Christmas

Sophie Brown (smash armorWriter from New York. After the success of her series of novels, she is experiencing a period of crisis: she recently divorced her husband, and wrote a book in which he did not hope for success. To disconnect and find inspiration for the next novel, Sufi He decides to leave for Scotland: he wants to go back to his grandfather’s hometown, to visit a castle den Dunbar. Finding in the village and in the warmth of the buildings the peace that had been lacking for so long, Sufi He decides to buy the castle. To sell it, however, is Miles (Carrie Eloise), a charming and angry Duke who, although in debt, does not want to surrender to buyers. Miles So he decided to test Sufi: He invites her to live with him in the castle until Christmas. Will the protagonist be able to prove to the Duke that she is worthy of his home?

The classic combination of Christmas and love

Do we really need another romantic Christmas movie? NS Marie Lambert Of course yes. And what’s better than picturesque Scotland to give birth to a fairytale love story? Among the castles and the duke, Christmas castle He tries to recreate the magical atmosphere of love stories between nobles, but the project is completely unsuccessful. For most of the scenes and dialogues, the construction of events appears to be coercive, exaggerated, and highly unreliable. Everything seems obvious and at the same time impossible: a wealthy American writer escapes from chaos to pastoral places where all people are humble and kind. As if that wasn’t enough, buy a castle with a prince already inside it to fall in love with. Maybe a plot Christmas castle It would have made more sense for an animated movie or a children’s movie.

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Christmas castleChristmas in every detail

During the Christmas period, there are those who like to conquer the festive atmosphere. Christmas castle It is well stuffed with them: Scotland, full of houses with wooden interiors, woolen blankets, garlands, pine cones, and sweets, is the perfect place for the most awaited period of the year. Not to mention the castle: it is already magnificent without decorations, on the holidays it becomes a symphony of red, green and gold.

The environments are not very realistic, you often notice the imagination and the construction of the scenography, but it can not be said that it does not express the atmosphere of Christmas. For some, this can be a daunting choice, but there are certainly those who want nothing more than that! Christmas lovers are sure to also enjoy the classic Christmas carols and Scottish dances at the Den Dunbar Lounge.

mature love?

to fall in love Christmas castle I am not a young princess and an immature prince, but a fifty-year-old writer and a grizzly duke. Despite this, the dynamics of falling in love are not very mature: smash armor NS Carrie Eloise They make you smile because they still act like two kids on their first crush, bickering, hating each other, and finally, even the big statements. Stale jokes or clichés don’t help make the love between the two believable. Very easy, trivial, does not excite.

Castle for Christmas: opulence in the extreme

The most striking thing in the film is the desire to provoke everything: the rich writer, the grandiose castle, the arrogant duke, as well as the poor citizens. The humble people in the film appear on a par with the themes in medieval stories: still living on the Duke’s lands, they are simple people but their golden soul, sometimes a little naive. The addition of these two characters to the rich story further underscores the film’s exaggerations.

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In summarizing, Christmas castle It is the movie that was made to satisfy the party-lovers, and leaves nothing out more than any aspect: the plot, the acting, and the shooting.

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