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What is popular at the moment Netflix In Italy and in the world? In our special weekly offer you will find all the answers to your questions. Although it starts from November 2021, Netflix has started publishing the actual ratings for the series And the films on the platform, the ratings that you will find in this article indicate in advance the most successful titles of this week in Italy, the United States and the world. dominance Bridgeton.

This weekend at the top of the most watched titles on Netflix Italia We find for the second week in a row Bridgeton, the Netflix series that returned last Friday, March 25 with the unreleased episodes of the second season. As we assumed last Sunday the series Shondaland In addition to beating the competition, he also broke important new records. In fact, the first three days of exploitation were seen for a total of 193,020,000 hours. It will be interesting to see what numbers Netflix will broadcast next Wednesday when the 7 days of exploitation are considered. continue pretty little Liars Obsession in Our Country: The series is actually stable in second place. Addams family It is the most watched movie in the last 24 hours on Netflix Italy and ranks 3rd (the classic title for families who always get excellent data on the weekends). Fourth place for the movie always more beautifulWhile another creature from Shonda Rhimes fights back in fifth place Anna’s creation, which is another successful title of well-known producer and exhibitor. Sixth place about Adam’s Projectseventh for Queen of the South. In eighth place he appeared for the first time in the bubble, a brand new Netflix Original movie that failed to win over critics and audience despite having an excellent cast. In fact, even in the United States, the film only came out for the fifth time, and the overall score over the past 24 hours was not among the highest; We’ll know more on Wednesday. They shut down the original Norwegian movie Netflix free fight And the in good hands.

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Top 10 most viewed titles in the last 24 hours in Italy

  1. Bridgeton
  2. pretty little Liars
  3. Addams family
  4. always more beautiful
  5. Anna’s creation
  6. Adam’s Project
  7. queen of the south
  8. in the bubble
  9. Battle of Freestyle
  10. in good hands

The 10 most viewed titles in the last 24 hours in the US

  1. Bridgeton
  2. hidden side
  3. forever partner
  4. Is it a cake? impossible sweets
  5. in the bubble
  6. Heartland
  7. Get organized with homepage editing
  8. cocumillon
  9. Anna’s creation
  10. triple blade

Here are the top 10 most popular movies all over the world On Netflix on April 3, 2022:

Here are the top 10 most popular TV series all over the world On Netflix on April 3, 2022:

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