Netflix announces the movie based on the manga, City Hunter

Running giant Netflix He gave the go-ahead to make a movie based on the famous manga city ​​Hunter.

Tonight Hollywood Reporter reported that the tape had handed the film’s direction over to Yoichi Sato (Kisaragi, Strawberry Nights), while A.J Ryohei Suzuki (Tokyo Mer, Segodon). The source further reports that the text is signed by Tatsuro Mishimaformer writer of some episodes of the Netflix Japanese original series “Yu Yu Hakusho“.

Shinichi Takahashi He is the only executive producer, while Keisuke Sanbei And the Kosuke Uchida they produce. Netflix She is producing the film in cooperation with production companies Tokyo Horebro And the Chiros office.

The film has been described before Netflix How “A modern, updated version of the manga, set in the busy streets of Shinjuku’, while the launch target on the platform is 2024. Below is that A preliminary synopsis of Netflix’s City Hunter:”When Ryo’s partner Makimura is killed, he and Makimura’s sister Kaori team up to discover the truth, thus forming a new duo.. “

The City Hunter manga

Created by a manga artist Tsukasa HojoAnd the city ​​Hunter It was a staple of Japanese pop culture throughout the 1980s, selling over 50 million copies worldwide. The franchise has spawned a popular anime series and several film adaptations, including films made in Hong Kong (one starring Jackie Chan), France, and mainland China, but this will be the first time the property has been adapted as a live-action film in Its homeland is Japan.

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