Netflix adds residential titles to VPN blacklist, some users involved

While you’re still waiting to know if the sharing ban on Netflix will take effect, and how and when it will officially take effect, the streaming giant recently launched an offensive against VPNs.

As with all self-respect battles, it is clear that the focus of a home entertainment service may also affect users who use the service regularly.

Everything comes from a tweet a user reported Regional blocking due to VPN use Despite the fact that the user was simply connected via his mobile network. Under WiFi, as has been said, usage was as regular as ever.

At that point the official account of Netflix suggested the man contact their operator To find out what is causing the problem, let’s look at the causes in detail.

The reasons behind this unfortunate episode are actually due to a new approach by Netflix to counter the recent strategy implemented by some VPS providers of borrowing IP addresses belonging to ‘residential’ subnets.

The counterattack had the collateral damage of blocking many legitimate residential addresses, he told the source WeVPN spokesperson.

However, this problem does not cause a ban from your account, but only the inability to play content with regional bans. The solution, it seems, will be borne by the user and the expectant Request to change the public IP address by your ISP. So there is nothing unsolvable, but it is a problem that not all users will be able to solve.

Meanwhile, the red platform showed the first slowdown in growth. Is there a hand from Disney+?

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