Lots of room for creative development – Saint Blasin

37 children participate in the Summer Art Week at Saint Blasin College.

(sp). For a week, the children approached art in very different ways in the college art workshop. They showed the result of their creative work at a small demonstration in front of relatives in the Alfred Delp Hall.

“We had the pleasure of enrolling the 37 children,” said Art Workshop Director and Summer Art Week organizer Simon Holsworth.

“It was a very nice atmosphere,” Holsworth says happily. “The kids quickly immersed themselves in their subjects, blazing for what they set out to do.” The dance show, for example, lasted about 20 minutes. With the help of the course instructors, the children created the choreography. Sure, Holsworth says, the frame was given. But then the creativity of children will not slow down. The result was impressive, the performance created great tension among the audience.

The children found each other quickly, says the organizer. Some of the participants from the previous Art Week even agreed to meet here again. Not only did they focus on their dance, they also designed textiles, made objects or even made a 16-minute movie.

On Friday the 13th superstition took center stage. The children developed a story about a class getting a new classmate. There was no script, the children so absorbed the story that improvisation in front of the camera was easy for them. Of course, they would start the drama every day. In the future, Holsworth said, the focus should be more on theater and theater experience, because the effort is too great to be able to complete a movie in a few days.

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It was nice to see how the children can develop and how friendships are formed. The concept of Summer Art Week has been so well received that there will also be a debut art week during the fall holidays and Spring Art Week next year, Simon Holsworth announced.

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