Nearly 700,000 people flock to Twitch to watch Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez play the “Between Us” video game

President Trump has it Hangar marchesJoe Biden is socially distant, Driving events. Congresswoman Alexandrea Ocasio-Cortez, an actress from New York, who is 31, has … an alien spaceship.

She boarded that craft tonight to play Between us, A surprisingly successful multiplayer video game that has become popular with Twitch celebs over the past few months. (Players race around the cartoon ship, complete quests and try not to get killed.) Nearly 700,000 people watched her play with multiple broadcasters and fellow Democratic congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota. At the peak of the broadcast, about 440,000 people went to Twitch stream Created by AOC, while another 200,000 or so followed the separate broadcasts of game stars Pokimane, Jacksepticeye, HasanAbi and Moistcr1tikal.

Evening had a goal outside the game. Before starting Between us, AOC urged those who watch Twitch broadcasts to vote in the upcoming presidential election. “We are here to vote in blue,” she says. “We have the ability to vote for Trump out of office, to vote for the Biden-Kamala card. Let’s make sure we change this country.” She then took a minute to check the game UI, and moved her cursor to the volume controls, which increased the volume. “Look how terrifying this music is,” she said with a laugh. “Sorry, I’m just kind of putting this together.”

AOC’s Twitch Stream is an amazing new use of the streaming platform Almost 40 million people In the US they watch every month. However, its popularity has been largely restricted to those interested in games, and it is certainly not where elected officials usually go to convey an important political message. But for a perspective on the AOC toss, consider the number of people who attended to watch Tyler “Ninja” Blevins’ triumphant return to Twitch after defecting from a rival streaming service: Blevins, the most popular professional player, attracted About one-fifth From the crowd during that event in August.

AOC’s virtual campaign idea meets in about a day. The congresswoman tweeted to the 9.1 million Twitter followers she wanted to play Between us And he asks who wants to participate. In May, I did something similar and played Animal Crossing: New Horizons With several people I’ve met via Twitter, it’s another ploy that’s seen as noticeable progressive thinking since that game and has also had a lot of success among the youth, a demographic that politicians often struggle to communicate with. Biden has his own presence in the game as well, and he’s branded in-game Animal crossing Players can visit and speak to a digital personal copy of the Democratic candidate.

After its initial tweet yesterday, AOC spent several hours trying to get the equipment needed to stream it on Twitch – including webcams – and made the futile journey to Best Buy
Much of it has been sold. Twitch HQ discovered her tweet and contacted tech support.

AOC began playing the match around 9 pm on Tuesday. Several rounds of Between us After 90 minutes, she was still hunched over her keyboard, as she enlarged her character with the pink blanks around the board. Attendance dropped slightly to 366,000 people after it was broadcast live.

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