Only one America

Actor Sam Elliott narrates a new Joe Biden commercial that premiered Tuesday night during the first match of the World Series.

Sam Elliott in suit and tie: Sam Elliott recounts showing Biden's ad for the first time during the World Series:

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Sam Elliott recounts showing Biden’s ad for the first time during the World Championships: “There’s only one America.”

“A Star is Born” actor said in his featured voiceover, “There is only one America.” “Just this wonderful land and all that is possible on it with a new beginning.”

“There is a lot we can do if we choose to deal with problems rather than each other, and we choose a president who brings out our best,” continues the advertisement for the piano showing “The Star Spangled Banner.”

Elliott is not featured in the ad nor officially endorsed Biden, but it is in 2017 Metro said The election of President Trump was “mind boggling”.

He said at the time: “I think Trump won because he had no one to run against who would be elected.” “But he spoke to that vast group that was forever neglected.”

Biden has been endorsed by a number of notable actors, such as Jennifer Lopez and Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”, as well as singer Taylor Swift.

Hollywood stars She has also appeared at Biden fundraising events. Don Cheadle, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson and other stars from the “Avengers” movie series. Participate in a virtual event Tuesday. The cast of NBC’s “The West Wing” met on a hypothetical night that benefited Biden last week.

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