Nearly 200 FDI institutions participated in the dialogue conference in Bac Ninh

In a dialogue conference with nearly 200 FDI enterprises titled “Bac Ninh – Convergence of Big Brands” held on July 17, Dao Hong Lan, Provincial Party Secretary of Bac Ninh, stressed that the FDI of enterprises and Bac Ninh Province have always cooperated closely. close.

It should be noted that the fourth wave of prevention and control of COVID-19 is a clear evidence of the efforts, efforts and determination of the entire political system, the business community and the entire people. For foreign direct investment enterprises, the province has paid special attention through many creative measures to reduce the epidemic from entering the factory, workers are usually organized to eat, stay and work at home.

Through the opinions of companies, Bac Ninh Province can make timely decisions, issue supporting mechanisms and policies, innovate solutions, reform according to reality, towards building a national policy, the right to establish, develop and serve.

“Bak Ninh will continue to maintain focus on dialogue and solve business difficulties as a regular activity, demonstrating the province’s commitment and responsibility throughout the development process with the aim of enhancing exchanges, improving the efficiency of state management as well as removing the difficulties facing businesses immediately,” said Ms. Dao Hong Lan. .

Here, too, the leaders of the Regional People’s Committee, departments, agencies and localities directly answered questions, recommendations and proposals from companies on issues: work permit and entry of professionals. Infrastructure of industrial parks, repair and modernization of traffic roads.

Meanwhile, there is implementation of Government Decision No. 68 and Prime Minister Decision No. 23 on employee and employer support; Implementation of regulations on epidemic prevention and control and vaccination plan; The loan mechanism to pay wages stopped working due to the COVID-19 pandemic…

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At the conclusion of the conference, Chairman of the Bac Ninh Provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Huong Jiang asked the departments, branches and localities to urgently study and revise the contents of the companies’ recommendations, completely remove difficulties and obstacles, and create all the most favorable conditions for production and business. companies.

“Departments, branches and localities need to overcome the situation of ‘hot above, and below cold’, create synchronization and define the entire political system from the county, to the county and commune level in support of business, and create a business environment conducive to enterprises.”

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