Mysterious discovery in Australia: At least 20 Dead Sea dragons appeared on the beaches

woman from Australia communicate Betty RatcliffeAnd Become a certain protagonist Finding Which surprised public opinion in that country. Do this while strolling along the shores of Narrabeen, Found different remains sea ​​dragons spread across the sand.

at Statements to the media Sydney Morning HeraldAnd Ratcliffe expression Still not surprised. “The first person I found had recently died, they were orange, yellow, and purple”commented. In this context, the woman explained that in her morning walking along the beach every day she meets a different specimen of this species. “Keep looking for more and more”confirmed.

Betty Ratcliffe, the woman who found many sea dragons on the shores of AustraliaStephen Swirt

On his part, Dr. David BoothThis was confirmed by a specialist in sea dragons and professor of ecology at the University of Technology in Sydney A total of 20 species were found on the shores of the city in the last month And that this situation is not very frequent. “I thought, Oh my God, what’s going on?”He expressed.

Among the places where Dead Sea Dragons On the shores of Australia, there are also cities Cronola, Malabar, Botany Bay and Central Coast.

In this regard, Booth specified that on several occasions one or two after a storm were found in those areas, but that It is the first time a number of this size has been found.. “I think a rate of 10 is the normal”pointed out.

Regarding their reasons for believing that this number of copies have appeared in recent months, David said that it is The result of a combination of factorsLike the high rain That he was there last time, Pollution and climate change. “It’s all washing into the ocean,” he said.

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Two sea dragons lie on the beach in Narrabeen, Australia
Two sea dragons lie on the beach in Narrabeen, AustraliaBetty Ratcliffe

What are sea dragons and what is the concern of environmentalists

As David explained, This species is found in coral reefs and lives at a depth of 10 meters. As it was explained They eat shrimp And that they all have a bright color on the outside. As for its growth, Their length can reach 45 cm. This is the curiosity that surrounds this genre They only live in Australia and only move between 50 and 500 metres from the side from where they were born.

According to Booth, when there is a storm, the top three meters of water at sea level are generally affected, but he explained that It is very likely that the waves fed the pollutants and reached the location of the sea dragons. “These types of storms are going to get more frequent,” he said.

Although the number of samples fluctuated over time, Since its first recording in 1970, David confirmed that there is a decrease In many places where they live. “In Cornell, Botany Bay, there are between seven and eight dives, but now there are two to three,” he stressed.

A specimen of a sea dragon is located in Mona Valley Beach, Australia
A specimen of a sea dragon is located in Mona Valley Beach, AustraliaKonrad Zellar

It should also be mentioned In Australia it is not allowed to collect any free dragons It may not be manipulated without prior permission. Any kind of findings should be reported for further investigation.

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