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The Supervisory Authority for Private Investment in Telecommunications (Osiptel) has published the results of the second classification of performance in attention to claims, which was implemented in the first half of 2021, and no operator has exceeded the minimum target in terms of the quality of attention to users.

The objective of this initiative of the regulator is to review the changes created in attention to the inconvenience presented by users to the major mobile operators.

In the first half of 2021 alone, 388,057 claims were submitted corresponding to the mobile service provided by the four major operating companies. Of the total, nearly half (49.5%) correspond to the claims of Movistar, followed by those of Claro (27.5%), Entel (17.6%) and Bitel (5.4%).

This ranking is based on six indicators: occurrence of claims, early settlement of claims, reasons for decisions, timeliness of decisions, appeals in support and complaints in support; As well as percentage weighting. In addition, I used information available through October 31, 2021.

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The 2021 Claims Service Performance Rating revealed changes in the attitudes of companies that best serve user claims. Despite this, no operator was able to reach the global minimum target of 15 points out of 20.

Contrary to the evaluation of the second half of 2020 the operating company Beetle He is the person with the highest score (11.16 points) in the ranking by improving the indicators of low incidence of claims, occurrence of supporting complaints (with best performance), motivation (support) of the solution, timeliness of resolution and occurrence of enterprise appeals. Only a setback was recorded in the Early Claims Settlement Index.

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Instead, the operating company Of course surely It fell to second place with a score of 10.71 points, due to the decrease compared to 2020 in the indicators of the occurrence of well-founded appeals and well-founded complaints, despite the improvement in the occurrence of claims, early resolution of claims, settlement motives, and timeliness. . In these last three indicators it performed the best.

At the same time, the operating company Movestar It rose 1 rank compared to the 2020 measure and ranked 3rd by 8 points, with significant improvements in resolution motivation, incidence of affirmative appeals and incidence of affirmative complaints, but with opportunity for improved indices of claims occurrence, early settlement of claims and chance of resolution. Specifically, in the last two indicators I got a low performance.

Finally, the operating company Intel It fell to fourth place in the ranking with 7.52 points after its results deteriorated in relation to the measurement of 2020, in the indicators of early resolution of claims, the occurrence of well-founded appeals and the occurrence of well-founded complaints, in which it specifically recorded weakness. performance. However, it improved its score in claims cases, timing of resolution, and motivation of resolution.

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