Movies and TV series will premiere on Netflix in November

Netflix is ​​ready for the new month. Lots of news arriving in November that will attract subscribers. Some of the most popular TV series will return to Italian audiences in the eleventh month of the year.

Netflix original movies, TV series produced by the platform, as well as non-original products. It is a very busy month but it will make your subscribers happy. Lots of comedies, romances, action movies, and thrillers ready to shake our hearts and souls.

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Let’s start with the Netflix TV series. In November, Season 2 of Young Royals and Season 6 of Elite will arrive, both producers being huge hits. The arrival of Season 4 of Manifest has also been confirmed, but only the first part.

While on November 9 comes the fifth season of The Crown. The next comes the second season of Warrior Nun, which is very much appreciated by the Netflix audience. On the other hand, the Wednesday TV series is highly anticipated, as it will hit the stage on November 23.

Movies and TV series will be shown on Netflix next month

As for the movies, we have Enola Holmes 2 coming with Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill. Then comes Bullet Vagante 2 and also The Claus Family 2. And if October is the month of horror movies, then November is the month of Christmas movies. In fact, many Christmas comedies are arriving on Netflix.

On November 10th comes Falling For Christmas, on November 17th comes Christmas with you and on the 24th comes Noel’s Secret Diary. But not just Christmas, but also action, action and adventures like The Legionary, Medieval, My Father’s Dragon, Monica, and my Darling. And again Slumberland – In the world of dreams my name is Vendetta.

Unoriginal content

As non-Netflix originals, we have Dances with Wolves, The Christmas List, The Christmas Village, and Good Girls, all arriving November 1.

Then come the good boys, those who want me dead, talk to me again, after the first Christmas. On November 15 comes Bombshell – The Voice of Scandal, the famous movie starring Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie.

In short, the movies and TV series arriving on Netflix during the month of November are many and varied. Let’s go from the Christmas classics to the most popular series. But among those released in October, we can’t afford to lose The new series of Manolo Caro and the Film with Mila Kunis, based on the New York Times bestseller.

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