Movies and TV series will premiere on Netflix in November 2022

November is going to be really full of news For Netflix subscribers. In fact, as every month, the platform will expand its catalog with new titles.

Among these, there are high expectations among fans of the series debut of Tim Burton, titled “Wednesday”‘, centered around the character of the ‘Adams Family’. Not only that, Netflix has many other surprises in store including Season 6 of Elite and sequelby Enola Holmese, who sees Millie Bobby Brown, the younger sister of a famous detective.

Let’s not waste any more time then and let’s find out together the new Netflix show for November!

Netflix November 2022: Upcoming Movies

Among the new titles coming out next month, there is a lot of curiosity about the second chapter of the saga dedicated to Enola Holmes, Sherlock’s sisterShe is also an accomplished detective despite her young age. Not only that, but all eyes are also on the documentary “Is This Black Enough for You?” , a documentary starring Elvis Mitchell – an expert in film history – tracing the first steps of the African American community in American cinema in the 1970s. But the news is not over yet Here is a list of new movies coming to Netflix in November:

  • Enola Holmes 2
  • Stopped Bullet 2
  • Failure at Christmas
  • Is this black enough for you?
  • nurse killer
  • Marvel
  • Christmas with you
  • Noel’s Secret Diaries

Netflix November 2022: TV Series Coming Soon

There are also many news related to the TV series, and in some cases a welcome return, Like the sixth chapter of the movie “Elite.”Spanish teen drama that has kept thousands of users in suspense. But it doesn’t end there, the most awaited series is definitely “The Crown,” and it’s now in its fifth season. Here is the complete list of TV series to be released by Netflix in November 2022:

  • Blockbuster
  • Dragon Prince S4
  • Manifest S4
  • Fabulous
  • The Crown S5
  • Teletubbies
  • dead to me c 3
  • Elite S6
  • Wednesday’
  • the first love

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