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The perfect match It’s a new romantic comedy Netflix Directed by Stuart MacDonald. This is the review.

Lola Alvarez is a well-established young woman in the wine business who, due to her arrogant boss and disloyal colleagues, decides to leave everything and move forward on her own, but to do so she needs the help of a former client of the company she worked on. So the girl decided to pursue her former client in Australia, where the latter is spending her vacation. Between unexpected problems and surreal situations, an unexpected love will knock on his door. In the cast Victoria Justice and Adam DemosAnd the Corey WilliamsAnd the Samantha TulgeAnd the Emma Kate Lawrence.

What might seem like a movie alluding to a search for lost values, old sentiments and a return to origins soon turns out to be a product full of clichés, whose tale spreads without originality, with no shimmer capable of attracting attention. view.

In fact, Lola presents herself as a somewhat flat character, unable to sympathize with the issues addressed in the film. This inertia often makes you lose that sense of growth that would have benefited the overall quality of the narrative that is itself implausible. But if the scenario The perfect match Suffering from a lack of depth, the comedy expressed throughout the duration of the film leaves time to find, among lackluster jokes and often lacking even the right context to rely on.

The staff’s interpretation, perhaps not helped by weak direction and a text lacking in depth, leaves something to be desired; The dialogues appear coercive and arranged in a surreal narrative framework, although some narrative developments turn out to be similar to other sometimes more successful productions. Photography respects every cliché in romantic films: clean, clutter-free shots, with the sun illuminating everything almost unnaturally: nothing to complain about.

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In our opinion, The perfect match It’s just one of those movies that grabs attention out of curiosity, but often times loses interest after the first few minutes. A real disappointment.

The perfect match Now available in the catalog Netflix.

The perfect match

Stuart MacDonald

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2022-06-20 22:52

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