Motorsports | Formula 1: The Big Noise: Formula 1 debut in Miami

Status: 06/05/2022 10:17 AM

Formula 1 is holding a race in Miami for the first time. The organizers want to put on a big show – also because the racing series has caused a real stir in the US. Thanks to the Netflix series.

Lewis Hamilton

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The new asphalt strip at the Miami Dolphins football temple gives even record champion Lewis Hamilton something like childish anticipation.

“It’s nerve-wracking, it’s a huge event for us,” the Mercedes star is excited about ahead of the Formula 1 premiere in the dazzling city of Florida. A bloated American hype surrounds the upcoming race this weekend. For decades, many ranks remained empty in the races in the USA. For the first two US Grand Prix races of the season, sometimes-expensive tickets for Sunday’s race (May 8, 2022) were said to have sold out in just 40 minutes.

Hamilton, the star – also in the US

“I’ve never really understood why people here aren’t interested in Formula 1. It’s great to see that we’ve solved it and there is a growing love in the States,” says Hamilton. The 37-year-old has long been the only Formula 1 driver known to a larger audience in the United States. At the start of race week, the popular breakfast show Good Morning America invited him to appear as a guest in New York’s Times Square.

But in the meantime, a real buzz broke out in the United States. This also has to do with the successful PR campaign of the American Formula 1 owners. Above all, it’s the Netflix series “Drive to Sur” that lets American fans think outside the playing field of basketball, soccer, ice hockey, and baseball.

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VIP guests and stars on site

“Even people who’ve been to the other races should think: This is different, it’s fun, this is exciting,” says chief organizer Tom Garfinkel of the upcoming Grand Prix. The length of the road is about five and a half kilometers. The small marina with yachts and the artificial beach with swimming pools are an expression of American gigantism – intended to “disguise” that the road – somewhat less glamorous – was reached in the parking lot.

However, the cars will reach top speeds of up to 320 kilometers per hour. After tests in the simulator, Alfa Romeo driver Valtteri Bottas believes there will be some good chances of overtaking between 19 corners. “It has to be good old racing,” says the Finn. Describing his impressions, Alpha Tauri driver Pierre Gasly says, “It looks very cool. Lots of fast corners, really hard corners, unusual corners, very long corners, very long straights.”

Hamilton is a mathematician in trouble

Superstar Hamilton is unlikely to ever play a sports role. After a very difficult start to the season for Mercedes, she will likely remain in Miami Just turn the chaser – with no real chance of victory. The top teams will choose Ferrari and Red Bull among them. While Ferrari recently experienced disaster at Imola, Red Bull celebrated its first double win since 2016.


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