Mother’s Day in the United States in the interest of Tijuana merchants – NBC 7 San Diego

Tijuana- This Mother’s Day in the United States, the spoiled details of the queens of the house are the flowers, and in Tijuana, prepare for very generous cuts.

Which is that Southern Californians took advantage of this Sunday to buy flowers for my mom, on business in town.

“It’s celebrated in the United States today on May 10, I said let’s go get flowers there and he told me I’m going to Fifth Street,” California resident Sonia Flores told TELEMUNDO 20.

This Sunday I went to Flower Street in the downtown area of ​​Tijuana to buy a detail for her mother, as she stated that there was no comparison in quality and prices.

Flowers are in high demand on Mother’s Day

“The little bouquet there costs $12 and it’s a little thing with 5 or 6 flowers and here you can see it and say how beautiful and cheaper it is,” Flores added.

She said she scoured florists in search of the perfect arrangement. There were all sizes and for all tastes. Well, this is one of the best sellers for florists like Lety Barba.

“Since it’s Sunday, we thought it wouldn’t be very smooth, but here people come from the other side, and people from here too they look beautiful, God willing and help us and a lot of little people are falling in,” Barba added.

And unlike Valentine’s Day, May saw a smaller increase in flower prices.

“The flower isn’t as expensive as it was on February 14, it’s a little cheaper,” Barba said.

Tijuana residents also took advantage of this day to anticipate May 10 and celebrate mothers, even if they are no longer alive. How was Victoria Bello?

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‘It is already passed away,’ said Bello, ‘and I will take some to his crypt, but I cannot find him to stick in the cellar, and he also waits for the Virgin and I will look for you for my mother’s sake.’ .

Three-day sale, with very high expectations for the commercial sector in Tijuana.

According to Julián Palombo, President of CANACO Tijuana, an economic recovery of between 30% and 35% is expected, mainly in businesses such as flower shops, gift shops and restaurants in the city.

It is said that the flowers speak for themselves, but the most important thing is to pamper the queens of the house on this day and always.

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