More than 50 dead in a missile attack on a train station in Ukraine: five children | international

Attack on a Ukrainian railway station in Kramatorsk, east Ukrainecaused the deaths of at least 50 people, including five children, according to local authorities who remember that thousands of people had gathered there waiting to be evacuated.

Among the dead were four minors, the town’s mayor, Alexander Goncharenko, reported on Twitter, that among the nearly one hundred wounded there were “extremely serious” cases, as well as People who have lost arms and legs.

The governor of Donetsk, Pavlo Kirilenko, also insisted through his account on that social network that it was an attack on a “well-known” focal point as a place to accelerate the evacuation of residents.

Kirilenko blamed the “Russian fascists” for directing their Tochka-U attack in a deliberate act against the civilian population.

The Donbass authorities have been urging the civilian population to leave these areas for two days and warning that Russian forces are preparing for a major offensive to gain absolute control over them.

On the other hand, Oleksiy Aristovich, adviser to the head of the Ukrainian president’s office, confirmed that the attack was preceded by a careful reconnaissance of the target by Russia.

Russian forces attacked the Kramatorsk railway station with an Iskander missile. It should be understood that attacks of this kind are preceded by a comprehensive reconnaissance of the target, at least with drones, monitoring the terrain,” he said in his Facebook account, which was compiled by the Ukrinform agency.

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According to Aristovich, it is a “very expensive missile” and “organizing attacks of this kind is difficult and risky.”

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“They saw very well that they were beating civilians, first thing in the morning, that at that time there were thousands of people trying to leave the station, families, children, old people,” he added.

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, in a statement via his Facebook account, stressed that this attack on a train station is evidence that Russia is “killing” the civilian population.

“This is evil without limits. If it is not punished, it will never stop,” Zelensky added.

While sending messages of denunciation from Ukraine, Russia denied responsibility for the attack: “On April 8, the Russian Armed Forces had no firing missions in the city of Kramatorsk and were not planned,” the ministry said. statment.

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Army clarified, in its final part, which was issued last morning, that Russia continues to prepare for its offensive in the east, in addition to the continuation of the Mariupol siege in the Sea of ​​Azov.

The corpses left by the attack.
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The Supreme Command of the Ukrainian Army said: “On the territory of the Donetsk and Luhansk states, seven attacks of the enemy were repelled in the past 24 hours.”

On Thursday, pro-Russian forces claimed to have captured Mariupol, the strategic port on the Sea of ​​Azov that has been besieged and bombed by Russian forces for days, but Ukraine said its forces are still holding out.

Russia has already warned, by ending the first stage of its military operation in Ukraine, that its operations will be concentrated in the Donbass, where the self-proclaimed separatist republics, which Moscow recognized earlier than the invasion of Ukraine, are located.

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But the Eurasian force denied that its armed forces were responsible for the attack, and the Ministry of Defense said in a statement, “On April 8, the Russian armed forces had no firing missions in the city of Kramatorsk and were not planned.” A statement issued on his official account on Telegram.

“We stress that the Tochka-U tactical missile – a transportable missile that can have a range of 70-185 kilometers depending on the class – the fragments of which were found near the Kramatorsk train station and were deployed by eyewitnesses, the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” the military entity insisted.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov also noted that “our armed forces do not use these types of missiles.”

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