More space for the Kinzenbacher

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For years now, the Kinzenbach kicker has wanted to expand his athletic field once again. It could be now: Next week, the plans will be discussed in the specialized committee of the municipal council. And it looks like there could be another mini artificial turf pitch in addition to a playground.

The artificial turf on Krofdorfer Straße in Kinzenbach has been in use since 2016 – and since then the athletes have also wanted the nearby area, formerly used as a football pitch, to be equipped for training purposes or for young talents. Meanwhile, the project was postponed. But now they’re starting over – also with the goal of thriving Heuchelheim/Kinzenbach’s youth gaming community.

Next year, the funds allocated to the district will be included in the municipal budget. Next Thursday, the municipality’s general technical committee will discuss the plans to be presented by the board of directors on Mayor Lars Burkhard Steinz. There is a choice of pitch or turf ash – or any other artificial turf. The latter is a favourite.

What’s new: The community also wants to build a playground there. According to the town hall description, there is enough space there. At least when the football field is cut so that it can still be used for youth games D, E, F and G. What else to consider: Hess Central Water Works Association’s long-distance water pipeline, which starts north of Marburg and leads to Wetzlar , under the area in question since 1965. Mayor Lars Burkhard Steinz said that building over the pipeline is not so easy – in any case, care must be taken so that the pipeline is not affected.

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In the late summer, at the beginning of September, representatives of all parliamentary blocs in the municipal council met with the Board of Directors of SG Kinzenbach and discussed what is possible. The first cost estimates are now on the table: the construction of a small artificial turf field will cost about 430 thousand euros, a turf field will cost 460 thousand euros, and ash land will be the cheapest option at 370 thousand euros. In addition to manufacturing costs, there are also maintenance costs, service life, and usability questions to consider. The administration does the math: the artificial turf does not have to be watered and can be used for about 2,000 hours a year, largely regardless of the weather. The useful life of the ash area is calculated as 1200 hours, the area of ​​u200bu200bthe lawn that uses only 400 hours per year.

In terms of follow-up and maintenance costs, artificial turf is much less expensive – especially compared to lawns that have to be mowed and watered, i.e. they require extensive maintenance. This may lead to an increase in the prohibitive production costs of artificial turf over the years. Artificial turf would be by far the cheapest option, according to an assessment from the city council. But after about 15 years, the service life of the artificial turf is reached, while the turf area is much more durable with proper care, according to the calculations. The bottom line is that the council recommends the artificial turf pitch “due to its ease of use year-round, lower overall costs and lower maintenance costs.”

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Municipal committees are now invited to advise on the matter and, if the decision is positive, provide the funds next year. Thought 400,000 euros. Meanwhile, the task of SG Kinzenbach: to seek funding, for example from the state sports federation or the state of Hesse.

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