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Letter to the editor dealing with historical recordings of a Furtwängler concert. Ampex 200 technology or RRG, that is the question; It was not Telefunken.

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And discussion receives you every day

to me “far from leftovers” From 14 October:

Discussions about the meaning and nonsense of a pair split remind us of Badger Day: The same arguments have been exchanged for decades—without any real change. Therefore, I expect that repeated discussion will not help. The state must finance its expenditures from income, since it has to form it, also for the purpose of controlling. However, in my opinion, it makes no sense to amend one aspect of the Income Tax Code and add another 50 to 1,000 pages of the Income Tax Code. The income tax law should be completely erased and simplified. Perhaps the biggest problem is the issue of “acquired rights”. What if the wife does not want to work? Should these people be punished for not living up to expectations?

Eric Fort, Munich

Historically correct?

to me “The very classic art of recording” September 9: How difficult the art of classic recording is Helmut Mauro proves two sentences in his review of Warner’s version of Furtwängler Recordings: A maximum of five minutes was cut, and only then was the tape used.” The first technically high-quality Furtwängler recording was made on magnetic tape on December 16 1940, an experimental recording of RRG technology that was conspicuously shown to a large audience on June 10, 1941. The misinformation misleads a second flaw: in the so-called “complete recordings”, among other things, all Furtwängler RRG magnetic tape recordings from the years 1942 to 1945, which were released by the Berliner Philharmoniker two years ago, as well as the RRG Recordings from 1944 to 1945 Missing Vienna (“Magnetofonkonzerte”), recently published by the DGG (again). 1949 – roughly the year tape technology was invented – indicates that this Information from Warner Corporation and that this is based on the first American Ampex 200 studio tape recorder (introduced in 1948.) The tendency to pass high-quality magnetic tape technology can often be seen as an American invention.

Friedrich Engel, Benchem


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