Squid Game, Netflix calculated it could be worth up to 900 million

In just 23 days, the series was watched by 132 million people. So far, Korean series has set new records for a newly launched TV series

squid game, the new Netflix phenomenon, It can generate nearly $900 million in revenue broadcast company. Unusual character for show Its production cost only 21.4 million dollar. Only 23 days after its release, at least the first few minutes of squid game It was seen about 132 million people, surpassing all viewing records for a newly launched TV series.

The news was posted by Bloomberg, based on numbers in an internal Netflix document. According to the American company, from Los Gatos, California, at least 88.9% of people who started the series look at him more than one episode And 66% of viewers finished the show in the first 23 days. Netflix declined to comment on the report and a lawyer identified how “inappropriate” Publication of confidential data contained in the document.

The numbers shown confirm the dizzying international success of the series. in the United States of America, squid game It is the first Korean series to reach the top spot on Netflix and the second ReutersIt will also motivate people to study the Korean language. In China, where Netflix cannot be used without a VPN connection, Beijing Bakery presented a themed challenge squid game Based on caramel cookies. The Korean offer was also positively commented on by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who owns his own platform, Prime. He appears to have identified the series as “Impressive and inspiring”, we read Reuters.

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