MN Weekend Poll: How are people in the Krumbach area doing their spring cleaning?

With spring comes a big cleaning drive in the house for many people. In our survey, we encountered very different life plans.

With the advent of spring, the question also arises whether the main cleaning of the apartment is still the order of the day? Pedestrians surveyed in the center of Krumbach have different opinions on this subject. Some argue that spring cleaning is more important than ever. Others believe that cleaning is done when necessary. Despite the cleaning, the sun tempts those who are flushed outside to relax.

Sandra Muller, 49, Wiesenbach:

I clean in the spring every year. However, I clean all year round. Everything should be clean to me. You can call me the cleaning demon. I also have to do everything myself. If someone else is doing the cleaning, I don’t think they are doing it well enough. I’m careful, everything should be fine when I go out.

Sandra Muller (49), Wiesenbach.

Photo: Elizabeth Schmid

Anne Hubert, 79, Krumbach:

I do everything at home myself. I clean as needed. So if it’s dirty, I’ll clean it up. I don’t do spring cleaning at all. I don’t stress over cleaning. I prefer to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather, especially now in the spring. I also have a little work to do in the garden.

Ann Hubert (79), Krumbach.

Photo: Elizabeth Schmid

Doroth Broome, 51; Lars Krum, 55, Düsseldorf:

We clean regularly. Windows and blinds are cleaned in the spring. Fortunately we have a nice Polish cleaning lady who does everything wonderfully. Our dog makes the most dirt and his hair is constantly falling out. We are really happy to enjoy your time in spring without cleaning up.

Doroth Brohm (51), Lars Krum (55), Düsseldorf.

Photo: Elizabeth Schmid

Susan Schaeffer, 50, Kemltal:

Spring cleaning is important. When the first flowering period ends, she goes to the windows and curtains. If the weather is nice I will start. I do the full program, drawers are cleaned and cleaned, carpets come out, and everything is cleaned perfectly. This is also because of my job, I am a housekeeper.

Susan Schaeffer (50), Kemaltal

Pictured: Elizabeth Schmidt

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