Mister 8 (Finland): Asymmetric Nine-Angles

Regular readers of the blog already know that every year I publish a file World XV with the best unpublished world series of the year, Most of them have already been reviewed in this corner of Mondays. In other cases, the truth is that they are still misplaced and stooped by novelties, but if it ends up being released in our country, as is the case for Finn ‘Mister 8’, I don’t mind paying off that suspense. religion.

‘Mister 8’ is a black comedy with an innovative and totally different format and it positively surprised me when I had the opportunity to watch it last year, arriving at the initial package for the new AMC+ platform available on almost all operators, it seems like a great opportunity to talk in depth about this polygamous story Hence for the location of its premiere in Spain.

a file: Mister 8 8 Episode 25 January 2021. language. Such as: Finnish / Spanish series: Elisa Feihdi (SF) / AMC + (E)

the plot : Maria Bergholm is a successful and meticulous CEO in her family business that manufactures black boxes for all types of transportation vehicles.

Her private life is organized around seven men she sees one day a week in a tacit agreement that the eight parties accept at regular meetings as they discuss the progress of a polygamous relationship.

Mariah’s approach was to find seven complementary men who would allow her to enjoy the aspects of life in which that company would bring her something, and save herself from having to put up with them on the aspects that didn’t interest her.

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His own harem consists of a firefighter, physical trainer, celebrity chef, poet, humorist, family man, and military survival expert, who willingly accepts his day with Maria, to satisfy her within 24 hours with her. .

This delicate balance changes one night, when Mariah meets Joho at a restaurant, who is turned down on a blind date and tries to put him in her harem, becoming that eighth man who doesn’t quite balance this polygamous balance, as shown in the trailer. About Mister 8.

Problems begin when Juhu is not satisfied with this secondary role and begins to devise and devise a whole series of plans to discredit all of his various partners so that they are expelled from the relationship and spend more days with Maria.

“Mister 8” is irreverently filmed in black and white to reinforce the protagonist’s “femme fatale” atmosphere and is full of touches of humor starting with the header of “Mister 8” where each new episode crossed out shows Maria’s lovers who have fallen victim to Juhu’s machinations, And always behind her back.

One of the advantages of ‘Mister 8’ is that when the lover’s hull is ditched in each episode, it’s apparent that, in the final stage, it’s completely reinvented, giving a massive twist that energizes the story dramatically, with a totally unexpected ending.

In these times when everything is analyzed down to the last detail, the proposal of ‘Mister 8’ can contain all kinds of interpretations, from the massive female empowerment of the protagonist by selecting those eight lovers who dance to her tune, to making the exact opposite, Because some hero decisions can betray feminist freedom values, so I’d prefer to leave the experts in the field to make their own theories after seeing them.

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Best Current Finnish Actress, Krista Kosonen ( before the illustriousEssential to the continuation of the whole group of lovers, the ability to show a different side with each of the eight men with whom she shares her life in a natural way and with absolute credibility.

Alongside him, Becca Strang (right) also stands out as the subversive element that marks Juhu’s entry into the polygamous group, that with his Machiavellian plans is the engine that propels the story forward, by causing Maria to be expelled from those who have been excluded of all kinds. one of the reasons.

‘Mister 8’ is one of those series that gets carried away with a very subtle black and white aesthetics and a story full of twists and touches of highly successful humor, which offset some of the screenplay decisions by its creator and director Teemu Nikki, something else that was imposed in the final stage.

Anyway, just for Krista Kosonen’s luminous presence, it’s totally worth taking a look at the recently arrived AMC+ platform, where they also have another great Nordic show, the Faroese series. “Trum” Which I already told you about at the time of this year.

In the end, I will leave you with the impressions of her hero during the last Cannes 2021 TV Festival, where he won the Grand Prix for the series.

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Lorenzo Migno

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