Minister of Defense: The state of emergency does not prevent meetings, parties, parties or commercial activities | Luis Alberto Otarola | Protests in Peru | Dina Polwart | Pedro Castillo | RMMN | Peru

defense minister, explained that Across the country in the face of the violent protests that took place in some regions after the failed coup by Pedro Castillo and the assumption of Dina Boloart as president, its goal is to maintain internal order and not to stop the development of various events.

And the head of the Ministry of Defense indicated, through his Twitter account, that commercial activities will continue because banning them will harm businessmen and business owners because we are so far in the middle of the Christmas and New Year celebrations campaign.

“The Emergency National decree today Events, meetings, parties, concerts or commercial activities are not prohibited. The country must move forward, especially as thousands of entrepreneurial families depend on income from Christmas campaignPost it on the aforementioned social network.

Measures that are currently being taken are being pursued Maintaining internal order and ensuring the security of thousands of families. He added that the police are stationed at strategic points and are supported by our armed forces.

The government issued the supreme decree declaring a state of emergency for a period of 30 calendar days throughout the national territory. The restrictive measure, which was officially announced on Wednesday by an extraordinary edition of the newspaper El Peruano, The curfew did not go as expected.

The Supreme Decree provides for this The Peruvian National Police maintains “internal order control”.With the support of the armed forces.

In addition, it is required Constitutional rights suspended relating to the inviolability of the home, freedom of passage through national territory, freedom of assembly and personal liberty and security.”

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The executive branch agreed to declare a state of national emergency after violent protests over the political crisis.

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