A strange movement has been detected by Microsoftwhich is that the company’s engineers have sent some patches for review that will provide the “AMDGPU” driver for the Linux kernel with the ability to Support for hot AMD Radeon graphics cards. This means that the system can recognizeInstalling or removing the graphics card without shutting down Or restart the system.

Microsoft researchers are said to be working on “GPU classification technologyThis led them to work on AMDGPU hotspot support for Linux.

“We believe that support for hot-pluggable GPU hardware could open the door to many advanced applications in the data center in the coming years, and we would like to have some reviewers about this RP so we can follow the technical discussions on this,” said Shuotao Xu, an expert in design Reconfigurable Flash-Based Hardware Accelerators” at Microsoft.

In the data center field, this functionality can be critical for Microsoft with Azure To add/remove AMD Instinct accelerators for guest virtual machines. On the other hand, lately AMD has been working on improving GPU fast shutdown with its graphics drivers, though in this case For external GPUs After the short-lived approach of using external GPUs through the never-before-seen Thunderbolt port.

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