Microsoft confirmed Xbox Series S after next-gen Xbox price leak [Updated]

On Monday evening, a door opened about plans to release Microsoft’s next-generation console. The multiple reports, along with the storytelling video excerpt, put an exclamation point at the leaked company’s aspirations to launch the “Xbox Series X” console (Announced late 2019) Alongside the cheaper and smaller Xbox Series S by the end of the year.

Hours after the reports were published, Microsoft confirmed this Xbox Series S already exists. Described by Microsoft as “the smallest Xbox ever,” this new console will be launched at $ 299.

Brad Sams, a longtime Microsoft tracking reporter, kicked off the news wave on Monday with Screenshot showing the Xbox Series S design visible, In white and about half the size of the Xbox Series X, next to price: $ 299. At the time, Sams did not provide an explanation for the source of his image, but he repeatedly reported the existence of Series S in the process. Under development under the codename Lockhart, Along with series X (codenamed Scarlett).

S denotes the spot

if Previous reports, Series S will debut with many of the same tech leaps as the Series X – and it could include those features like Speed ​​Structure to load the game faster Or fancy graphic effects like ray tracing. But Series S will offer “next generation” perks with lower maximum power, dedicated to either lower pixel resolutions (such as 1080p) or lower frame rates, to reduce the console price. Sams and other reporters estimate the peak width level at approximately 4 teraflops for the S-series, compared to 12 TF power and 4K resolution from the X Series. Microsoft has yet to provide details about the Xbox Series S capabilities beyond a vague description of “next-generation performance”.

In August, Ars Technica managed this Confirm the name of the cheapest consoleThanks to the sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans and early launch of its console (who mentioned its “compatibility” list “Xbox Series X / S”).

Shortly after the SAMS report was published, I mentioned Windows Central Same price point as the S Series, along with the claim that the Xbox Series X will launch at $ 499. The WC report, citing “sources”, claimed that both devices will be launched on November 10, but the report did not clarify which areas would be launched. (Microsoft had a Previously confirmed the launch of the “November” X Series console.)

Pictures of the S-Series followed in the reports of the two Leaked excerpt from the Series S reveal video, as shared by Twitter user “_h0x0d. This four-second video includes a smooth animation of each of the new consoles placed side by side, followed by the S Series sliding into a transparent version of the Series X’s chassis to emphasize size comparison. At this point, the narrator describes ‘how small’ .

What the narrator does not say in this brief passage is that the S-Series appears to be missing a drive on its front or other visual aspects. It’s still unclear if the drive is located on any other side, even after Microsoft’s Series S confirmation, but that would be a major departure from the design for Xbox, which has placed holes for the drive on the same side as its console’s power buttons for years. Hence, skipping the drive as a way to bring the price down to $ 299 – and emphasize more on digital download subscription packages like Xbox Game Pass– It looks likely.

Instead, the video shows an upper set of holes that resemble the dot pattern found on the edges Xbox One X, Along with a circular dotted plate, all-black on one side – it is likely intended to enable more venting. Other than the large air vent, the console design’s similarity to the Xbox One X isn’t entirely surprising, considering Microsoft deleted all Xbox One X consoles earlier this year – which It prompted us to speculate that the Xbox Series S might take its place In the Xbox hierarchy.

The Windows Central report includes a proposal to launch Series S with an “Xbox All Access” funding option of $ 25 per month, while Series X will be available for $ 35 per month. The exact terms of such a contract have yet to be confirmed, and whether it includes franchises such as Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass.

As of press time, Microsoft had not responded to Windows Central’s report about a possible November 10 launch date or the $ 499 price tag for the Xbox Series X. It concluded its Twitter post early Tuesday with a promise of more information in the future: “We look forward to sharing more soon. promise. “

This article has been updated since its original publication. Xbox Series S endorsement by Microsoft now includes. In the Twitter post.

Image list by h0x0d

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