Mexico vs. Japan: That was the winning goal for Raul Jimenez and “Chucky” Lozano

Tonight, Mexico Face Japan At Graz Liebenau in Austria marking the last date FIFA 2020. To the amazement of the Mexicans, the Japanese dominated the first installment, with participation Guillermo Ochoa Which kept the result from zero to zero until the break.

Ral Jimenez was the first player to score in the match against Japan. for him 63 minutesBetween a staircase of mist covering a large portion of the stadium, Jiménez does his job with the ball. In a play across the left wing, Orbelene Pineda helped his partner with high heels, Raul Alonso received the ball, and passed two Japanese defenders to take a pointed shot that ended with The first goal of the match.

The Wolverhampton striker celebrated with the Aztecs. After the first half full of Asian offensive plays, Jimenez’s goal softened the match.

Luis Romo and Orbelene Pineda (Photo: Twitter / miseleccionmxEN)

Due to the weather conditions in the fieldAfter the first 65 minutes of the supplement, The match officials decided to change the ball to a phosphorescent orange ball To improve game visibility.

Despite poor visibility on the pitch, the In the 68th minute, Herving Lozano appeared Who stole the ball from midfield and The race towards the goal began to eliminate a goal. Without many possibilities, the goalkeeper Daniel Schmidt It was shortly before the cross shot Chucky, Lozano.

This is how the second goal of the match fell, which is what put Tricolor ahead. The second half was from “Tata” Martino, and they suggested game dynamics to prevent the Asians from scoring.

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for him 78th minute Napoli striker Try to face “hand in hand” Again with a defender from Japan, however, Schmidt went out to defend his goal, Which cut the illusion of “Chucky” to score the third goal.

For The 82nd minute of the match was eliminated by Herving Lozano Via midfielder Cruz Azul, Roberto Alvarado.

Both Raul Jimenez How do Herving Lozano They became the players most associated with the Mexican national team, they added minutes and goals with the team, which gave strategic confidence Gerardo Martineau To call them, and Form your attack line with them.

To close the match, the referee added another three minutes to finish the match in the 93rd minute. With the final whistle, Aztec Selection Group ended its participation in 2020.

Guillermo Ochoa (Photo: Twitter / miseleccionmxEN)
Guillermo Ochoa (Photo: Twitter / miseleccionmxEN)

At the press conference, technical director Gerardo Martineau He talked about the difficulties he faced this year in building his team of players and preparing to face his rivals: “In 2020, a difficult year, we knew how to benefit from it. We had good competitors. It gives footballers a lot of experience and gives us references for the future.” claimed. sThe one for which not all calendar matches scheduled by Covid-19 have been played, ‘Tata’ action has added an unbeaten number of friendlies this year.

In the coming year, forecasts paint different contests for el “See”According to Martineau he indicated it “In the first part of the year (2021) we will solve the March Round with the Pre-Olympic and later the Gold Cup with the Olympic Games.”. He also mentioned that his priority would be Sub23 due to its importance.

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“In these games we face competitors with different forms of play, and this helped us in posing different situations. We were able to compete with the schemes we didn’t use. We are satisfiedMartineau announced at the conclusion of the press conference.

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