Mexico returned to the top ten to overtake the United States at the end of 2021

The team led by Gerardo Martino, the Mexican national team, closed in ninth place in the FIFA rankings, and thus returned to the top ten, after leaving in November.

Mexico tops CONCACAF again with ninth in the monthly FIFA rankings, thus returning to the top ten, in addition to placing it above the United States, which slipped to thirteenth in the rankings.

On the other hand, the Belgian national team led by the Spaniard Roberto Martinez concluded the year, for the fourth time in a row, at the top of the FIFA rankings, but only 2.1 points behind Brazil.

Compared to the 323 international matches played in 2020, due to the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the year 2021 scored a total of 1,116 matches, which is a record.

Despite this, Belgium repeats the lead on the podium, although it offers a slight advantage over Brazil, reinforced by its flawless record in the World Cup Qatar 2022 qualifiers, and its second place in the Copa America.

France, the winners of the Nations League title, came in third place, and Italy, the European champions, ranked fourth, in front of England, the European runners-up, and Argentina, the America’s Cup champions.

Spain, runners-up in the Nations League, occupies seventh place in a ranking in which Germany did not even enter the top ten, twelfth, behind the Netherlands (11) and Denmark (10).

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– Ranking (previous points and points and increase or decrease compared to the previous year):

1 Belgium 1832.33 1832.33 0.00

2 Brazil 1820.36 1811.73 8.63

3 France 1779.24 1754.31 24.93.23

4 Italy 1750.52 1735.73 14.79.21

5 England 1750.16 1755.44 -5.28.28

6 Argentina 1738.79 1725.31 13.48

7 Spain 1687.66 1673.68 13.98.27

8 Portugal 1681.73 1674.9 6.83.83

9 Mexico 1672.92 1666.19 6.73

10 Denmark 1668.98 1658.49 10.49.001

Other positions:

13.- United States

15.- Uruguay

16.- Colombia

21.- Chile

24. – Peru

38. Paraguay

45.- Costa Rica

48. – Canada

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