Meta platforms: This is how meta . will be built

Several interesting things emerged from the patents filed by Meta Platforms with the USPTO regarding Building the metaverse and how the social network giant intends to leverage the business model. The company will invest $10 billion annually to reach the goal, along with other big tech companies like Microsoft and Apple who will somehow be champions in this virtual world, potentially giving life to what will be the next evolution of the internet. .

Metaverse: This is how it will be built

Meta will be used first Biometric data for users to create a vision-enhancing effect, So that the avatars can be animated as if they were live in reality. This data relates to eye and nose movements, body posture, and everything that modifies a person’s expression.

There are patents They combine eye and face tracking into a headset through cameras and micro-sensors, making the avatar reflect what the user can do in real life through the way their gaze enters virtual events.

Patent Reporting System for Recognition of facial expressions by means of a viewer adapted to multimedia content. There are also wearable magnetic sensors placed around the torso to track body position. A patent covering a way to Customize your avatar with a skin repeater-This is the 3D creation that starts from the user’s photo.

Noelle Martin, a lawyer who has spent more than a year researching human meta-observation, referred to this program as A type of human cloning, where you can create a “simulation of each person’s every skin pore, hair lock, and micro-motion.” All this has drawn criticism from some observers regarding the use of the data and thus on personal safety. Celia Hudent, a former director of user experience at Epic Games and now an independent consultant, wondered what the Meta would really do with the data, since no one is guaranteeing anything.

Metaverse: This is how you will earn Meta

The patents also show how Meta will benefit from the virtual world you intend to create. Attractive channel will be $85 billion to advertise per year, where targeted ads and sponsored content will be served. Proposals for virtual stores will be included here, where users will be able to purchase digital items identical to those in the real world and sponsored by brands.

Menlo Park Group will keep headphone prices low, Thus, focus on advertising revenue and support the sale of digital goods and services. In this regard, the patent shows how ads will be presented to users in a personalized way using augmented reality, based on age, gender, interests, preferences and behavior in social networks through comments and likes. In this, each signal will be captured by the direction of gaze and activity of the pupil, indicating the appearance or lack of interest in a particular hypothetical element.

However, Foley Hogg technology attorney Britann Heller raises the alarm by outlining all this horrific scenario consisting of targeted ads based on Involuntary biological reactions that invade the private sphere of each person. However, the lawyer asserts, at the moment, there are no legal restrictions preventing us from doing all this.

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