Meta may have your phone number, even if you don’t give it to them, but it hides a secret tool to erase it

You can check what information Meta has about you, and by the way, you can delete it.

There are meta apps we use dailyroughly by commit, as in The WhatsApp. Obviously, if you use a messaging app, where you can Turn on and use two-step verification For greater security in your user account, you are actually giving your phone number to Mark Zuckerberg. However, you may learn People who do not use this type of application and want to check if Meta has information about it.

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The North American company has included a new tool in a complex link that few people will find, given the complexity of its site. This service allows People can check if a particular phone number or email address has been registered by Meta, and the ability to block and delete them. Apparently, according to Information published by digital media Business Insiderwhich – which The tool has been active since May 2022Facebook, for whatever reason, did not announce it.

Not a week goes by that we don't know more about the unconventional practices of the Meta

Not a week goes by that we don’t know more about the unconventional practices of the Meta

How to find the relevant page and tool from the work of private investigators from another dimension, we show you how Just by clicking on this link You will be able to access the Meta Service. From here as you can see The steps are simple:

  • Select information You want a contrast, whether it’s a mobile phone number, a land line, or an email address. End by clicking next.
  • If you specify the phone number, whether it is a landline or mobile, you will have to Enterbut not before changing your country of residence, by pressing the blue button that says they change. Select the networks you want to search, it is better to do a comprehensive scan of all and compress next.
  • you will get confirmation message To the phone that you must enter to complete the order.
  • In case you are searching for your email, the process is practically identical.
  • When you’re done, if your number or email is in the Meta database, you can Delete and block information So that it cannot be used again. The message includes:

We found this email. Someone has uploaded (X address or number) to Facebook, Messenger and Instagram using your address book. You can refer to Information for people who do not use identification products for more details. Should it be deleted and banned? Please confirm that we must remove this email address from our address book database. We will also block its re-upload.

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