Darius Brugiman leaves SuS Olfen and turns to TuS Körne

It’s not good news for SuS Olfen: the regional football division is losing one of its best performers. This changes to the Dortmund region. Not only are there reasons for his move that make it easy to bid farewell to Olvin, but there are also good arguments for moving to Dortmund.

But first things first: Recently there have been disturbances in SuS Olfen. In mid-April the coach became known Jupp Ovelhey and SuS end their summer collaboration. Shortly thereafter it was announced Patrick Linneman holds the coaching position at Hoddenstrasse. However, this change did not go without noise nor did it pass SuS captain Darius Brüggemann without a trace.

“There was a lot of turmoil in the club,” says the 24-year-old. “If I do something, I want to be 100 percent behind it. That hasn’t been the case in the past few weeks and months.”

Darius Brüggemann changed to DJK TuS Körne

The result: Brüggemann leaves SuS and joins local league club DJK TuS Körne in the new season. For the industrial employee, transitioning to Dominic Group training is an obvious choice. “By switching, I only save 180 kilometers a week for training. It’s in Korny just two kilometers away,” says Brugman.

Captain Darius Brüggemann leaves the SuS Olfen and joins DJK TuS Körne. © Sebastian Reith © Sebastian Reith

One of the reasons for the change of center-back was a specialty from Dortmund: “I’m really looking forward to the indoor football tournament, which I’ve seen as a spectator so far,” said Brüggemann.

The 24-year-old broke up with SuS Olfen. Brüggemann says that – like the team council – he would have spoken in favor of staying at Ovelhey, but he would also have liked to have worked with the new coach if doubts had not arisen and the opportunity had arisen in Körne at the same time.

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As a central defender, Darius Brugman knows no concessions.
As a central defender, Darius Brugman knows no concessions. © Jura Witzel © Jura Witzel

Brüggemann received support from SuS Olfen himself. “The team board members in particular can understand me, even if they think it is a shame for me to leave,” says the captain. “Nobody from the club said I would let the club down, but I received many good wishes for the future. This really touched me not only leaving my fellow players, but my friends getting shorter too.”

Contacts will remain with SuS Olfen

Now Brüggemann is looking forward to the new assignment in Körne. The fact that he ended up in DJK is thanks to fellow TuS: Jonas Lammers, an old friend of Brüggemann, convinced the 24-year-old to move. The midfielder was already able to collect his first impressions: “Corny is a very quiet club but ambitious. There are other clubs that are causing more noise in the league.”

But Brüggemann will never forget his SuS Olfen friends. After all, this was my second time at Olfen. They say yes: all good things come in three. But I’m not worried about it yet, says Darius Brugman and adds with a laugh: “As long as I don’t get banned, I’ll be in Olfen.” .

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