Megan Rapinoe contrasts with Joe Biden after the Capitol riots

I amMegan Rapinoe concluded her anger with eloquence. For the first time in nearly ten months, she was the soccer icon at a US national team press conference, and she had a lot to say. The terrifying mob storm instigated by Donald Trump at the Capitol has made the world champion so charismatic that she can barely speak of her footballing comeback. Or wanted.

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The world champ, who of course played the first round of digital journalism at boot camp in Orlando, said, “It’s horrible how terrible it was and how crazy it was.” The 35-year-old warned that January 6 could only have been the beginning: “Of course, all calls for unity and progress cannot be without justice. If we do not punish this and fully investigate it, it will only encourage more to happen.” “.

Rapinoe, Trump’s staunch opponent, who has been a social justice and anti-discrimination activist for years, has classified violent incidents distinctly differently from future President Joe Biden. “This is America. Don’t fool yourself. She said about the” scary “situation in the United States, I think we have shown our true colors.

Biden said: “These chaotic scenes do not represent the true America.” Rapinoe’s paradox: “This is not the first time that we have seen such a deadly mob. Unleashing white supremacy is nothing new in America, as people of color know well.” Five people, including a police officer, were killed in the attempted uprising in the US capital.

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