Meet the Parents – Viva El Birdos

Meet the Parents - Viva El Birdos

The The basics Yesterday went with a good chance of qualifying, winning or losing. They might have needed help from Giants of San Francisco Or to play a double header against Detroit TigersBut the easiest way was to win. With Giants Loss and a Reds Winning, the Cardinals were in a strange position in either confrontation San Diego Padres Like # 5 seed or Los Angeles Dodgers As the No. 1 seed. Since their victory, they have faced parents.

The last time the Cardinals saw the Padres, they were 70-92 teams and placed last in NL East. Things have changed. Not only are Padres now second in NL East with a record of 37-23, they also have the best NL record of any unnamed team. The Dodgers. If you’re wondering, they also have the second-best running difference in NL, outpacing opponents by 84 points in 60 games. In contrast, Cardinals have a +11 run difference.

As the first round approaches, the question should be “Are they real?” Yeah. Nor. Just let’s break down the details and focus on the fact that Badrice won 70 games last year and played 60 games this year. Keep in mind that Padres is running at a 100 win pace. This is a 30-win improvement. I seriously doubt they’d actually be a 100-win team if they played an entire season. At the same time, this differential range is difficult to ignore. This is not a coincidence. Let’s focus on the details and see what Padres has to offer in 2020.


Here are some great stats. Padres is linked to the third largest number of home races in baseball and has the third highest Isolated Strength (ISO) in baseball. They hold these numbers while playing half of their matches in the notorious pitcher jar, Petco Park. They are led by the 21-year-old Shortstop Fernando Tates, With 17 hours and 297 ISO.

In fact, they have five players with at least 100 PA areas and 200 ISO. Much to the dismay of Cardinals fans everywhere, one of them is Mane Machado, With 279 ISO and 16 HRs. They also have previous beer Trent Gresham, With 10 hours, 206 ISO. Card lovers can handle the pain. Brewer The fans, you lose a player who played better than you. At this point in the roster, I began to seriously doubt the reliability of the players to continue performing this way: Eric Hosmer (It never happened in his lifetime with .200+ ISO with 0.231 ISO), Will Myers (Profession height; ISO 220 – .306 ISO per year).

With strength comes punches … except not much here. They have the 6 best K% in the league. True, men who bring power strike, except Machado And the HosmerHosmer’s power numbers cannot be trusted. They are in the middle of the package in walks and in the middle of the package in BABIP. So the book or Hope if you like, is to hit men-prone K and Hope Machado Recession. This is the best I have here.

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You do a fine unaffected Petco Park and then add Petco Park, and that’s a dangerous team. Padres is fifth in the league at K / 9, fifth in league BB / 9, and sixth in league at HR / 9. However, I’ll say that overall their showing seems to be a problem, but when you look at single shooters, in theory, They seem much more winnable here.

The possible start of Game 1 will contain a jug as the previous statement will not be true. That wouldn’t be true at all. Denelson Lammett It has a ridiculous 34.8K% in season to go with just 7.5% BB. It doesn’t get groundballs very often, with 36.9 GB% and that’s where the Petco benefit comes in. But even so, the K / BB ratio leads to 2.48 FIP, well, we’ll be playing at Petco, so it doesn’t look like the HR / FB ratio% won’t be helpful. Not that playing Busch would help us a lot either.

Then? Good with Mike Clevinger In the first run, Padres has a very humble beginner pair. A familiar name for card fans, Zach DavisOne of the two games will be shown. It has 2.73 ERA, but 3.88 FIP and 4.14 xFIP. Davies He has a 4.55 era career against cardinals. The other guy, Chris Badak, Struggled hard with human resources. Somehow he has 25 HR / FB% a year. It allowed 14 hours in 12 starts. That’s pretty much its only flaw, but it’s a defect that gives it 4.73 PM, so it’s a huge flaw.

Bull barn

Four archers succeeded in blocking Padres, but former Cardinal Trevor Rosenthal appears to be the ex-Cardinal who was unbelievable for Padres. Even though he only offered 9 rounds to them, he has the second best war loyalists on their team, thanks to 14 hits in a single walk. Near them before Rosie Drew Pomeranz He rose from the dead this year, spreading 1.45 eps. He had some issues with walking, but he encouraged a lot of things that didn’t matter.

They also recently acquired it Austin AdamsWho spent most of the year in IL, but looks healthy now and is terrifying. I remember last season’s showdown against Sailors And when clicked, it is non-striking. It got 41.1K% with Seafarers last year. K% now … it’s also 41.2%. He allowed 2 runs yesterday and only made 4 full rounds, so his age is 4.50. We might not catch it when things click, but the K% indicates that we are.

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The “man I don’t want to confront” list may be rounded up. Pierce Johnson, Whose overall numbers are better than big, but it comes with 12.15K / 9. Ejector start Jarrett Richards They can be used on bulls, too. So basically they have a right that kills an oath (Adams(Lefty who kills leftists)Pomeranz), Closer close (Rosenthal), very strong medium discharge (Johnson), And the guy who can offer some roles (Richards). The rest of the Bullpen is not that impressive, but that’s usually five men.


Well, here we have an interstate fight, because the DRS appears to be at odds on the Padriss defense. UZR and thus the Fangraphs have the Padres with the third best defense in a major. DRS, or Saved Defensive Run, has Padres with only +4 and 15 in majors. I would say that’s quite the difference. The DRS and UZR both agree on Trent Grisham, which is a +7 DRS and +20 UZR / 150 fielder. I am somewhat skeptical that Good, but not the reason for the disparity though.

Perhaps one of the biggest differences last year, UZR didn’t think he was a good player. This year, UZR thinks it’s a +4 player. DRS has a net neutral player. Overall, Tatis Jr is a -4 fielder by UZR / 150 for his run so far. In any case, I cannot specifically say why there is such a big difference in the two stats, but the Cardinal may or may not have the fieldwork advantage depending on the stats you trust. If you are the average of the two, the Cardinals are advancing thanks to them taking 1st place in the DRS and 7th in field races.

They also steal the rules

Yeah. So they’re good at spanking, good at playing, good at merchandising and, above all, they lead the big companies at stolen bases. However, they are not a particularly good core team. Not that they are unsuccessful in stealing the rules. They have an 80% success rate. They are, however, 13th in the league at BsR, which in one way or another means they are a lower-than-average staple no matter when the bags are passed. Because their BSR is only +0.8 as a team.

Machado He was the worst offender, and he was actually a poor core player of his career. This might have something to do with his success rate (6 stolen bases versus 3 stolen) and the fact that he is slow (387 at enemy speed). Tatis Jr. The team has 11 stolen bases and Grisham also has 10 stolen bases. Keep in mind that with 54 heists in 60 games, they still steal less than once in the game. No matter how much he turned it down, the teams still didn’t steal much from Yadi. So I’m not sure if robberies will come into play despite being the first for major majors in this category.

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In other words, how much recognition should we give to their record because they only faced teams in NL and AL West? I’m going to take out the best team here: They went 4-6 against the Dodgers. They also went 2-1 against 36-24 athletics. Everyone else they faced had a losing track record.

Well, they contributed to the Houston Astros’ 29-31 record, sweeping them in the only series they faced. They also went 8-2 against the Giants. Now, Astros appears to be better off their record, and the giants … they just don’t. Despite the fact that the Padres team is largely responsible for a losing track of the giants, I don’t think they are good.

Aside from that, they faced rebuilding Sailors, Sad Angels, Fallen Rangers, Inept Rocky, and the unfortunate Dbacks. You can, if someone leans that far, say they have made use of the timeline here. West, both NL and AL, combined for four playoffs. Central combined for seven deciding teams. It’s really hard to tell because no one plays outside of cleavage, but that’s definitely an interesting wrinkle. (If you don’t believe in NL Central that’s okay, but AL Central had 3 teams + 35 wins)

So there you have it. A team that does not have any weaknesses. But like I said, they haven’t been tested in 162 matches and haven’t dropped out of the division, so they might not be this is Good, and promotion confrontations aren’t deadly either. It will be tough, because odds are good that they will be instantly put into the 0-1 hole thanks to it LamitBut as we always say, the qualifiers are random. We only need one great outing from one of our rookies, one out of damage from them, and if you can set their appearances during separate matches, you get 2 wins. And if not, well, the cards faced the second toughest team in NL while they were on the break.

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