Maybe not the Melbourne Grand Prix again

Bitter news for Formula 1: The Australian Grand Prix is ​​unlikely to be postponed.

The basics in brief

  • Formula 1 will probably not be able to drive in Melbourne for the second season.
  • The race postponed to November will likely be called off again.
  • The reasons are the low vaccination rate and travel restrictions in the country.

This year’s Formula 1 Grand Prix in Australia is expected to be called off again. This was reported by several Australian media. The race, which is usually held in March, had previously been postponed to November.

The Victorian prime minister did not confirm the cancellation at a news conference. But Daniel Andrews said the sports minister would be in touch later today.

It will be difficult to organize the event this year, Andrews said. He cited travel restrictions and a low vaccination rate in Australia. The Minister of Sports and CEO of the Australian Grand Prix press conference is scheduled for this afternoon (local time).

Formula 1 with an impact on the Australian Open?

The Formula 1 season opener in Melbourne last year was canceled due to the coronavirus. If the event is now called off again, that decision could also have an impact on the Australian Open.

“ABC” means that players will not be ready to go into quarantine for the second year in a row. A biosecurity bubble would also be needed if the event was to occur.

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