Giancarlo Giorgetti visits Goglio di Daverio: “The Reality of Outstanding Production”

Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti Visited the factory on Friday 5th November Guglio de Daverio.

“We are pleased to open the doors of our factory to Minister Giorgetti,” he says. Franco Guglio, President and CEO of Goglio spa who accompanied the Minister on a visit to the production lines and research center with the company’s senior management. The meeting was also an opportunity to discuss topical issues such as those related to Sustainability and the increase in Raw material cost.

“We explained the history of our company to the Minister but above all the investment plan of about 50 million euros that we launched to support the growth of Italian and foreign factories – explains Goglio – at a moment of such strong break as the current, the designers of the health emergency, we are convinced that we must have the courage to continue investing, to be We are ready for appointment with recovery.”

«I always feel satisfied when I visit our excellent production reality – In particular, today I saw a good example of how technology can evolve while respecting the environment,” said Giorgetti at the end of the visit.

Founded in 1969, Daverio factory employs 735 peopleCovering a total area of ​​more than 230 thousand square meters, it is also the headquarters from which all global activities of the Goglio Group, one of the world’s leading flexible packaging companies, are coordinated. The Packaging division is located in this innovative and ever-evolving factory, which is a center of international excellence in research, quality and product innovation. Within the production process, fully vertically integrated, the extrusion department develops specific recipes for the production of films with high performance in water resistance and mechanical resistance. In the production area there is also a file Technology Center, where a team of researchers is dedicated to studying the characteristics of the products to be packaged and the most innovative chips, supporting the customer at every stage of the packaging process. Concern for the environment is realized by the latest innovations applied to the production process, which allows solvent recovery Used for packaging production and strict emission control.

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Globally, Goglio Group employs approx 1800 employees And it has production value 350 million euros.

Founded in 1850 by Carlo Guglio and still controlled by the Guglio family, the group designs, develops and manufactures complete packaging systems and supplies flexible films, valves, machinery and services, for every packaging need that finds application in many industrial sectors: coffee, foodstuffs, chemicals, cosmetics, detergents, beverages, food Pets. Goglio, which enjoys a global reach, is present with production plants in Italy, the Netherlands, the United States and China, and sales offices located in various European countries, South America and Southeast Asia.

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