Matilda: Netflix is ​​working on a musical with Lashana Lynch

Netflix I decided it was time to revitalize and renew the cult of the ’90s. In fact, it will bring the broadcast giant back to the screen Matilda you are legendary. but how? We explain it to you below.

According to what was leaked by the new entertainment giant Matilda It will be a musical that will see participation Lashana Lynch Maybe in a shoe Miss Honey.

Lashana Lynch

Project Matilda the Musical It just started and hasn’t finished casting yet. But second my world Star Capitan America Lashana Lynch Ralph Fiennes, superstar Maid in Manhattan, Who will play the scary Princess Miss Trenchpool.

Second The Hollywood Reporter Matilda’s Musical Matthew Warschus, Who was the director of the musical, would also be the film’s director. In addition to the playwright who participated in the first film, Denise Kelly, Will work on the new movie and adapt to the script, with the original music and lyrics Tim Minshin.

Netflix (Here’s all the news) I teamed up with him Tristar Pictures From SonyWho made the movie in the 1990s. In addition, the popular streaming platform will also handle an exclusive UK theatrical release.

Matilda the Musical There is no date for the debut yet.

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