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The Peruvian national team lost to Australia and thus lost its chance to participate in the Qatar World Cup 2022, and although a few days have passed, the great signs of football are still evident through what happened. On this occasion, it was Sergio Markarian who gave his opinion regarding the duel in the World Cup replay.

“Before I saw a very noticeable enthusiasm among the sports fans, in the press, in the players themselves, it seemed to me that they were very confident and there was talk of Peru’s ultimate supremacy. I don’t know much about the strength of Australia, but it seemed to me that it is good To have confidence. Comments today are rather negative in the sense that Australia has been underestimated or thought to be less than it was. It hurts a lot.” He started by saying the former coach of the Peruvian national team.

On the other hand, the “magician” stated that this “garbage” is the best that Peru has had in recent decades. “It is the best generation in Peruvian football in many decades. It is at least the best in the last two or three decades.”pointed out.

However, Sergio Markarian noted that the biggest problem the country faces in the field of football is the work of minors: “I had two trips from Peru. In 1997 I left Sporting Cristal, after the Copa Libertadores where we played the final with Cruzeiro and I said at the time that I saw the lack of training and the absence of important competition at the youth level as a defect. Therefore, the difficulty of training the players”.

“I made the same comment when I left the national team a few years ago, but I felt peace of mind because I worked hard in training. Now I don’t see a generation to replace it, they are almost the same players who started with me”precise.

Finally, the Uruguayan referred to what happened with Luis Advincula, who initially quit the Peruvian team via social networks and then deleted his message. “Personally, I was impressed by Advíncula. Being a stronghold and an important player in the team. Perhaps one of the best right-backs in South America, he had the misfortune to miss the penalty and take responsibility for the way it was done,” he said.

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