Mariano Carrasco participates in an international tournament in Switzerland – Sports

This weekend, Mariano Carrasco is traveling to the Swiss city of Caslano to direct the Nanbudu International Theatre, where participants from France, Italy and Switzerland are expected.

The stage is divided into two parts, the first targeting Nanbudu in general, dealing with health techniques, as well as technical exercises, and the second towards competition. Italy, Switzerland and France are countries with long competitive traditions and want to make the most of Huesca’s knowledge in major competitions, as he was chosen as the best competitor of the decade, in addition to the world and European champions on several occasions, since the following season the international competition has returned with various scheduled tournaments.

Alma Lara, the seventh Dan of Nanbodo, will accompany Mariano since the National Degree Commissions were set up in Italy and Switzerland, where she will contribute her knowledge again as she did in the United States a few days ago, where she is the President of the Spanish Commission, where this department has been working for two years with great success , being a reference in this martial art. He will also lead one of Nanbudo’s art sessions.

The end of the season will be very active, on June 4 the Spanish Nanbudu Open will take place, on June 12 the black belt exams until 3 dan and from July 24 to 29 the international stage in Playa de Aro.

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