Marcus Babylon thought with Hanse Flick

Hanse Flick’s departure wasn’t without flaws – if Marcus Babylon was on his way. The former Bayern Munich professional chose harsh words.

Munich – Marcus Babel has played for Bayern Munich * for a long time. Following his career, he was also a coach at VFB Stuttgart, Herta BSC and TSG Hoffenheim in Germany, followed by positions in FC Lucerne and in Australia near Sydney. Swiss newspaper a look Now, the 48-year-old is giving an interview. He attacks Hansi Flick *, among others.

Bayern Munich: According to Babel, Hansi Flick did not communicate well

There might be something new in the Bundesliga: the first seven Bundesliga could all start the season with a new coach. Oliver Glasner remains the only one to look after at VFL Wolfsburg as of May 2nd. The Bayern Munich receives Julian Nagelsmann * From RB Leipzig, who in turn was awarded Jesse Marsch. BVB * brings Marco Rose from Borussia Moenchengladbach, to whom Adi Huter will move from Eintracht Frankfurt. Leverkusen dismissed Peter Boss and brought in Hannes Wolff.

The cart is spinning at a tremendous speed and Marcus Babel does not like it at all. Above all, Flick and Fredhelm attack Fonkell and Addy Hutter. About Flick, the former pro says: “He played too. I have to admit: I’ve always liked his interviews, he was easy to give and put together a message at the same time. a look Then he delivers a sweeping blow: “Then suddenly these popular statements came without any background or substance. That did not do him justice, this shit shit, in good German. He was the one who reunited the entire divided Bayern.”

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Bayern Munich: Babel said Hansi Flick spoke of “sour milk”

Babylon also has a desire to see how, in his opinion, things could improve with Flick and Bayern: “I wish he had said early on that he was no longer strong after the exciting months and wanted to call it a day. Or that he would have made it clear that he would not speak until it was determined. The championship title. But we are talking about a great coach who does not need to talk about cheese curds like this. “

Funkel, who was the last coach at Fortuna Düsseldorf, is now supposed to save archenemy 1. FC Köln from relegation. Babylon’s personality makes him controversial: “After his time in Fortuna Düsseldorf, he said he never wanted to be a coach again, and that was well thought out. In general, Düsseldorf was his best time. Then what does he do? Go to Cologne. To? The hated competitor, “starts the former defensive man. “As a Dusseldorf fan, I ask myself: Is he kidding me? And as a cologne fan: Will he come to take us to the second division?” Babel’s big problem: “What can I still count on? When does football take precedence over the rules of decency? One cannot express oneself with the position: What do I care about the nonsense that I talked about yesterday?”

Not only is it Flick Bavaria or the brilliance of Cologne – Hotter in Frankfurt has also been criticized

Babel also admitted a mistake with Adi Hutter of Frankfurt. “He sits in the TV studio and says he is staying with Frankfurt. He leaves after five weeks because the situation has changed dramatically. What is the situation?” Asks the European champions since 1996. “You knew that the team manager and maybe the sporting director would leave. No, only for me people. They lie and pretend. We are talking about a seasoned trainer, not a young guy new to this field. ”

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In the Bundesliga the coaching circuit quickly turns around, the other coaches aren’t in the saddle. What will happen to Florian Kohfeldt if Bremen relegates? The same question arises with Pal Dardai and Hertha. How is the future going in Armenia Bielefeld, should Frank Kramer not be able to block entry to the second division? Some questions have yet to be answered. It remains to be seen whether Babbel will enjoy the employees’ decisions. The irony of the story is that if he gets a job at a club himself. (ank) * is a presentation by IPPEN.MEDIA

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