Marco Polacia missed the Finland Rally due to the lack of a visa

A bitter drink by Marco Pollacia. The Bolivian driver will not participate in the second round of the World Rally Championship (WRC) due to He does not have a visa to enter Finland, the venue for the competition that will take place next weekend.

He lives in Valencia, Spain, and had no trouble traveling a month ago to Monte Carlo where he took part in the first calendar test. Strict health controls in most European countries due to the epidemic, in addition to the rapid acceptance of foreign documents in consulates, have affected the Santa Cruz Corridor.

Unfortunately, due to a problem with our visa, we were unable to enter Finnish territory. In the absence of time to resolve it, we had to ask Toksport WRT, which we thank for its understanding and support, to nominate another crew for the event. “ Polacia, who was in Monte Carlo was fourth in the WRC2 category and fellow Norwegian Andreas Mikkelsen was the winner.

At the gathering in Finland, Toksport WRT Evend Brenneldsen was appointed in the absence of the Bolivian pilot.

Eyvind Brynildsen is back on the wheel of Skoda Fabia Rally2 Evo this time for a unique appearance in Arctic Rally Finland with Veronica Engan instead of Marco Polacia Wilkinson and Marcelo Der Ohannessian. The crew suffered unfortunate visa issues and were unable to reach Lapland in time, but they will return to their seats for the next round, ”WRT reported.

Meanwhile, Bolashia announced that he would use this time to continue training and finalize visa procedures. His next race will be the third date for the Croatian Rally, which will run from April 22-25.

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