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Tomorrow’s first evening from Rai1 will be dedicated to Loredana Bertè, Queen of Italian rock and brilliant translator of Italian music, in the year of her 70th birthday, with the program “I Am Not a Lady”, produced and directed by Alberto Matano, directed by Massimo Romeo Peparo. An evening of greeting not only of great music and performers, but also of the story of the ages that Loredana Bertè went through with her unique style and which left its mark on it, creating fashions and trends. His songs and provocations have influenced the history and memory of several generations, always remaining modern and influencing the current vocabulary and the collective imagination. In the middle of the evening, many immortal songs, from “I am not a lady” to “What do you expect from me”, from “Dedicated” to “E la Luna knocked”. Adjacent to it is an arcade that houses great guests and friends such as Zuchero, Pompadash, Josie Ferreere, Clementino, Enzo Gragnaniello, Marcella Bella, Gaitano Corriere, Asia Argento, Serena Dandini and Ermenio Seni. After the Sanremo break, the date with “Tonight anything is possible”, the Rai2 comedy show hosted by Stefano Di Martino, returns tomorrow at 21.20. An evening themed “The Eighties” in which joy and humor will return to filling the Hall of Rai in Naples, thanks to the games and rehearsals that make this program unique, starting with the famous Tilted Room. In addition to the permanent guests, Biagio Ezo, Francesco Paulantoni, and Vincenzo de Lucia, who will propose to imitate Maria de Felipe, the heroes of the sixth episode will be Natalie Gotta, Cerro and Fabio from The Jackal, Antonio Giuliani, Elinoir Casalini, actress and webmaker Angelica Massera. There is no escaping the existence of the panda, the mascot of Egon Polzon’s “Animation” program. As usual, there will be no winners or losers, just entertainment and lightness. Why urinary tract infections mainly affect women? This was explained by Professor Vincenzo Meron, Professor of Urology at Federico II University in Naples, guest of the medical program “Elisir” conducted by Michel Mirabella and Benedetta Rinaldi, broadcasting tomorrow at 11:00 on the Rai3 channel. Also target herpes simplex, a viral infection characterized by a rash of painful blisters that collect on the skin or mucous membrane. Antonio Volpi, professor of infectious diseases at Tor Vergata University in Rome, talks about it. Finally, in the feeding space, there are two foods Italians love most: pasta and pizza. How much do you eat Can pizza be prepared at home? Luca Beretta, a dietitian at the biomedical campus in Rome, answers. The drama “Scandal Genius”, directed by Ridley Scott and starring Nicholas Cage, is the prime-time show of Rai4 (Digital Terrestrial Channel 21) tomorrow, 21.20. Roy is a clever prankster as much as he has problems, and he suffers from agoraphobia and multiple neurological diseases, which he manages to control thanks to a series of repeated and obsessive gestures. Thanks to the collaboration with his partner and friend Frank, the business in the fraud sector continues with success until teenager Angela knocks on his door and leads to a collapse of all security on him: in fact, he claims to be his daughter and wants to become a genius. Fraud, just like her new dad! For a man, this would be an opportunity to fight all his fears, but also to train the girl in the “noble art” of fraud. Based on the novel by Eric Garcia, the genius of the scam, as well as the confirmation of the ingenuity of Ridley Scott, who struggles with a genre that is not often repeated, demonstrated the versatility of Nicolas Cage, here at the height of his talent, surrounded by excellent co-actors Sam Rockwell and Alison Lowman. Guest, ten podcasts and a song to truly listen and feel again, to bring back glimpses of personal and collective memory. Also on this seventh and final appointment, tomorrow at 24.10 on Rai2, there will be a complete immersion in the emotional voices and suggestions that Pierluigi Diaku has proposed to his guest. After Roberto Mancini, Donatella Ritter, Claudia Gerini, Rita Rusic, Sabrina Salerno and Massimo Lopez, Cristina Davina will participate in an “audio” experiment with unexpected implications, where listening, emotions, and memories tell stories while gradually emerging stories, characters, sounds, shapes, memories and emotions associated with it. With his humanitarian and professional path. In the encapsulated studio where, as always, Gek Tessaro’s drawings will be composing in real time, Cristina D’Avena will listen one by one to the conductor’s 10 audio suggestions that will evoke even unusual and spicy themes. After hearing a vocal mix of her voice at three different periods of her life, Christina Davina will review in a video the most important moments of her human and professional growth: a series of photos pinned to a particular song, publicly linked to memories. The childhood of a Bolognese singer loved by both young and old. There will also be room for a song that Pierluigi Diaco will dedicate to his guest: “Smile in Scream” by Ornella Vanione. In addition to the ten vocal stimuli and the song, as always, Christina Davina will also have to write a sentence on a sheet of paper – dedication, poem, message, poetry, appeal, simple word – this has an important and current meaning. October 1962. Four Soviet submarines, Project 641, carrying nuclear torpedoes, approaching very quickly from the island of Cuba, the scene at that historic moment of one of the most serious crises of the Cold War. When the B-59 submarine is discovered near the quarantine line, the US Navy drops “drilling depth bombs” to force it to appear, which could unknowingly lead to a nuclear accident. The last date with “Inferno in the sea”, which aired tomorrow at 21.10 at the premiere on Rai Storia, tells the story. Rai Premium (digital terrestrial channel 25) broadcasts the German TV series “Ranger, a life in Paradise”, every Tuesday, starting tomorrow at 21.20: four adventures set in fantastic scenarios for Saxon Switzerland starring Philipp Dunn. Jonas Waldek is a ranger who, after working for five years in Canada, returns to his home town, Stadt Wehlen in Switzerland and begins to take an interest in preserving the Saxon Switzerland National Park. Jonas is a man with great experience, very meticulous in his work, he provides support to visitors to the park and protects the many animals that exist. It conducts surveys on a daily basis in order to accurately assess what is happening inside the park to keep it safe. “Fingerprint of the Wolf”, the episode that opens the series. Jonas has finally solved the problems with his farm that he has been trying to fix for a long time, but another problem is about to emerge. His old foe, businessman Nolau, was contemplating a plan of his interests that was incompatible with protecting the environment. He wants to exploit the potential of the region from a tourist point of view, with the possibility of practicing even extreme sports. Some vandalism began to cast doubt on the guard, who would try to find out the author. Directed by Axel Barth, the cast includes Lisa Teschner, Eva Maria Green von Friedel, Heik Junka, and Matthias Brenner among others. “Le Casellanti” by Isoradio will take listeners, tomorrow at 10.35 am, to a small art town in the Abruzzo Mountains: Pescocostanzo. With Sabina Stilo, the story of one of the oldest and most picturesque villages in Abruzzo, rebuilt after the earthquake of 1456 and its artistic and cultural heritage. Guests will be the mayor, Roberto Sciolo and Luigi di Tella, president of the Tarquinio Vulpes Cultural Association who will present the Palazzo Fanzago, the headquarters of the Lace Museum and Tombolo. But for the column dedicated to dialects, Le Casellanti will stop this time in Sardinia, specifically in Cagliari, where there is “Eja TV”, Sardinian web TV and the languages ​​of Sardinia. Tore Cubeddu, the project’s creator, will use the Oristano dialect for the occasion: a semi-obscure sound, attributed to the “middle language”, which young people no longer speak in the city and thus lose awareness of their identity. Hoping to recover him, Cubeddu will range between proverbs and idioms, without forgetting his land hymn “Su patriotu sardu a sos feudatarios”. One year after the closure, Rai Movie (Digital Terrestrial Channel 24) has chosen to remember the start of the imprisonment with two films by great filmmakers. Tomorrow, 10-21 pm, “Marvelous Boccaccio” is the title with which Paolo and Vittorio Taviani re-read Boccaccio of Decameron, quoting five short stories from the masterpiece. In plague-struck Florence in the year 1300, ten young men take refuge in a villa in the countryside where they spend their time telling each other short stories. The Taviani Brothers teach that art, love, brotherhood, imagination and devotion are the only antidotes that can heal wounds and illnesses. The cast is exceptional: Paula Cortelese, Carolina Crescentini, Vittoria Puccini, Lilo Arena, Michelle Rondino, Kim Rossi Stewart, Ricardo Scamarcio, Cassia Smotnyak, Jasmine Trinka. This is followed by Ermanno Olmi’s “time pause”. Born as another Edison documentary, which the director worked, it was cemented by Olmi who turned it into his first movie. The choice of programming is definitely not due to the title, but because of the feeling that this film, in black and white, with a growing trend, has towards time. It’s a movie full of silence inflated with meaning and never empty expectations, full of life’s hope. In the two heroes’ forced isolation, we discover their new temporal rhythm and can contemplate their need – and our need – to reclaim time in our own time. As in the poem March 9 by Mariangela Gualtieri, which opened the closing ceremony of the seventy-seventh Venice International Film Festival, which will be re-proposed on the channel’s website.

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