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Legambiente Project

Talking mole Counselor, Energy and Utilities Services in the Sicily Region, Daniela Baggleri, During his speech upon submission Sicily Monisa Free, Project Legambiente To free the island from waste and promote itCircular economy, Now in its third version. This is the new commissioner’s first outing.

“We need to start talking in positive terms about resources and appreciate something when it comes to waste. The challenges are many. My predecessor implemented a design for a waste plan that was approved by Cga and tomorrow the last step is waiting for me.”

This is the first preparatory phase before the implementation phase to be implemented, and to listen to all stakeholders from the public and private sectors.Baglery adds.

According to Baglieri, on the topic of waste “The cultural condition is long-term and it creates an impact in relation to the circular economy. When we talk about waste, we must also talk about opportunities such as those provided by the circular economy,” Adding that you need to follow up for “Clear and measurable goals, that’s my way of doing it.”

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