Maisel brewery opens in Bayreuth: a day pass

Work on Maisel’s world of Bayreuth brewing experiences is entering the hot phase and should be completed in January 2022. At the new Smart-Hotel Liebesbier To Sleep, short-term tourists and business travelers in particular should get their money’s worth.

As Bayreuther Tageblatt wrote, builders attach great importance to a modern and, above all, “smart” environment. For example, guests must be able to check in with their smartphone and open the room door. They should also have access to high-speed, high-speed fiber-optic internet. Love To Sleep also wants to stand out visually from the competition.

Company spokeswoman Eva Ploß has already announced the street art design. “We invited international artists on the streets and cities to give the hotel a smart look. Artists from the United States, Japan, the Netherlands and Belgium, among other countries, accepted our invitation. More than 50 artists in all,” she told the newspaper, explaining that they were free to design. “We would like to be surprised.”

Construction on the new Smart Hotel in Bayreuth began in the spring of 2020. The plan is to renovate and expand the listed building of the former Goldener Löwe brewery inn and the adjacent Spiegelmühle. 67 rooms will be accommodated here in the future. There are also nine apartments in Villa Maisel, the former residence of the Maisel family.

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