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Today, Tuesday 10 August 2021 At 21.25 on Rete 4 it will be broadcast fatal wounds. Let’s find out together conspiracy and trailer This 2001 film is based on a novel by American author John Westerman. In Italy, the book was published by Hobby & Work Publishing with the title fatal wounds, first published in 2003.

It seems that other than the name and profession of the hero, There is not much in common between the book and the movie: The latter is actually freely inspired by the novel.

the movie Dirito by Andrzej Bartkowiak Actors include Steven Seagal, DMX, Isaiah Washington, Anthony Anderson, and Eva Mendes. Let’s get to know the plot of the movie and its trailer tonight on TV.

Fatal Wounds: Plot and Trailer

Oren Boyd lives and works as a detective in Detroit. Artful, with great experience and passion for his work, he recently took on a mission to rescue the Vice President of the United States from the attack of a group of extremists. But Boyd is reluctant to respect the rules, he messes up orders and that’s why even if he’s always successful
. is moved Districts 13 through 15 by Captain Frank Daniels.

In that infamous part of town, Boyd continues to do his own thing and pursue investigations outside his purview. His actions are increasingly individualistic and often look more like settling scores than restoring justice. When his drive leads him to the checkout, Latrell Walker discovers that the latter is dealing with corrupt clients and that there are many other heroes behind the shop in town…

here it is Mortal Wounds trailer:

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Have you read the book before? Are you going to watch the movie on TV tonight? We look forward to seeing you in the comments.

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