Lula launches his candidacy for the Brazilian presidential elections

Rumors arose months ago about the possibility of this Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva will run as a candidate for the upcoming presidential elections in Brazil, Confirmed May 7.

The former Brazilian president presented his candidacy at a ceremony held at the Convention Center in São Paulo, Where hundreds of armed men sheltered him. “It’s a very special moment in my life, especially in relying on you, because for the first time you were able to gather all the progressive political forces around my campaign,” he emphasized.

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“We have a case: restoring the sovereignty of Brazil,” the Brazilian president said, adding that the Bolsonaro government was dismantling it, “destroying the public policies of millions of Brazilians.”

Lula da Silva, who is seeking re-election after his 2003 and 2010 terms, He will lead in the latest polls with 45% of voting intentions, compared to 30% that Bolsonaro will receivethe leader of the Brazilian far-right, in the October 2 elections, according to the EFE.

“I am 76 years old, but 30 energy and 20 libido. This is how the ex-president is defined She will oppose her sixth presidential election along with the Labor Party, Which he himself founded in 1980 and continues to run since then without being overshadowed by anyone.

In this Saturday’s event, after he tested positive for the COVID-19 virus, former São Paulo Governor Geraldo Alcumen, a veteran liberal politician and ardent Catholic who would be the vice president candidate for the Lula formula, participated in approx.

“When Lula extended his hand towards me, in that gesture I saw much more than a mere sign of reconciliation between two historic foes, I saw a call to reason,” Alckmin said in a video clip.

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