Looking at the US, Google is against stressing husbands of workers who are waiting for a green card

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May 14, 2021
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(Teleborsa) – The Google The federal government wants to United States of America Do not withdraw the work permit enjoyed by tens of thousands of people whose spouses own H-1B visasHigh-skilled worker visa, pervasive in the technology sector. The tech giant – along with more than 20 other companies in the sector including giants such as Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Twitter, eBay, IBM and Intel – have made comments in fact that they are friends of the court in Tennis Court From Washington DC charged with deciding on this issue.

The The Department of Homeland SecurityDepartment of Homeland Security, are stabbing me Power The rule that allows H-4 visa holders to find work while their spouses, H-1B holders, wait for a green card (permanent residence permit). Google and other companies argue that repealing this rule “would result in the exclusion of these talented people from the workplace, and the forcible termination of tens of thousands of working relationships across the country.” They indicated that the decision will affect about 90,000 H-4 visa holders, of whom about 90% are a woman.

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