China, Working Group with the United States on Climate Change (2) – Xinhua News

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(Shenhua) – Anchorage, March 20 – He also said that the two sides will hold talks to facilitate the activities of each other’s missions, diplomatic and consular personnel, as well as on issues related to journalists in the spirit of reciprocity and mutual benefit.

The two sides also discussed adjusting travel and visa policies on the basis of the epidemic situation and gradually promoting the normalization of personal exchanges between China and the United States.

In addition, the delegation said at the dialogue that China and the United States discussed a number of topics, including economy and trade, the military, law enforcement, culture and interpersonal interactions, health, cybersecurity, climate change, and Iranian nuclear energy. The file of Afghanistan, the Korean Peninsula and Myanmar, adding that the two countries agreed to maintain and improve communication and coordination between them.

The delegation added that the two sides would work to improve coordination and consultation in multilateral mechanisms such as the G20 and Asia-Pacific economic cooperation. (Xinhua)

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