Little Women, Pokemon Detective Pikachu, Kate and many more assets

Several original films were released on Netflix in September 2021 such as Kate and My Little Pony: A New Generation, but also highly successful third-party works, such as Little Women and Pokémon Detective Pikachu.

What awaits us? Netflix Italy in a month September 2021? Browse movies in flow From the first of the month on the service until the end of September, we’re highlighting some news, in this case focusing on showing feature films, starting with Netflix originals.

Netflix, original movies available September 2021

The biggest names in this Netflix original subordinate September 2021 focus on work Kate, starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Miko Martino and Woody Harrelson, directed by Cedric Nicholas Troyan, as the title criminal must take revenge on those who poisoned her. However, on the way, she became friends with the daughter of one of her victims … from September 10.
You’ll stay in the action/action zone with victim, also available from 10, where the journey of five friends turns into a nightmare, when they realize they must escape from a man targeting them with a rifle. Also a big problem for the couple who just moved into a new house, about to face a serious burglary Intervention (from 22).

On the other hand, other movies like Hereafter for the party (of 2), where a sick teen dies one week before her birthday and gets a second chance. From September 8 WintervikenSet in modern-day Stockholm, it tells the difficult love story, made up of social and cultural distances, between Elizabeth and John John. in a Starling’s nest (from 24) Melissa McCarthy A woman cries by engaging in a strange challenge with a starling who has chosen her garden for a nest. From September 29 instead in we were songs Clumsy 30-year-old Maka is about to confront the return of the man who broke her heart: will the affection of her two best friends help her manage the impact?
It will make fans’ hearts beat faster Bollywood The three love stories in Ankahi Kahaniya – Non-Det Story (from 17), while the sixteen-year-old protagonist was Confessions of an invisible girl.
Anime fans, as well as fanatics of the series in question, will be able to re-embrace the colorful My Little Pony heroes in the animated film. My Little Pony: A New GenerationAvailable from September 24th.

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3rd party movies available on Netflix in September 2021

an offer Third Party Movies September 2021 on Netflix: The winner of the Academy Award for Best Costumes arrives on September 1st little Women Written by Greta Gerwig with Saoirse Ronan, on the same day Julia Roberts addresses emotional issues in All pray loveOne of the best sellers of the same name. Feelings are also conveyed brighter and louder in the amusement Hey Mom! here we go again, the sequel to the popular musical about ABBA music, as of September 27.
The animation is well represented by Pokemon Detective Pikachu (out of 12), the most successful movie based on a video game to date, as well as from Shaun the Sheep – The Movie: Farmageddon (from 26), Brilliant British stop-motion madness, signed by Aardman Animations.
For the greatest fans of the horror saga’s cult saga, starting September 28, it will premiere on Netflix Zombieland – Double Kick (2019), Conn, Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, Jesse Eisenberg, E. Abigail Breslin.

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