Lincoln Lawr, Netflix asked the new series from David Kelly: Here’s the protagonist

As I mentioned before, accurate and reliable Limit, Serial advertised quote Attorney Lincoln From Michael Connelly Designed by David E. Kelly (Back off, big little lies) On CBS as originally planned, as the show eventually sold out NetflixWho requested the first season.

As the location defines, it is still around Different avatars Who was initially planned by Kelly W. CBS, Different in substance. The protagonist of the show in the role of the protagonist Mickey Haller Sarah Manuel Garcia Rulfo (The Magnificent Seven), a selection that honors the story’s Latin origins. To lead the series as a browser we will find instead Ted Humphrey (the good Wife).

Connelly said: “I am delighted to announce that after a long journey, Mickey Haller will finally come back to life on screen, this time in the upcoming TV series to Netflix and starring the wonderful and talented Manuel Garcia Rulfo.”.

Attorney Lincoln
, Was actually shown on the big screen in 2011 by Brad Forman Starring Matthew McConaugheyIt revolves around the personality of a lawyer Mickey HallerHe is an idealist working on his practices and business mainly within Lincoln dealing with both small and large companies Court cases across Los Angeles.

The novels Mickey Haller starred in are part of a larger group Centered around homicide detective Harry Bush. Haller is actually Bush’s half-brother, and from time to time the two share page space. There are currently fifteen books in the Bush genre, and Four in Haller.

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