Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub and ThinkSmart View – Collaborative work

At the current turn, the Remote work and meetings via video calls They have become the daily life of many workers, being a communication system that has come to last, as well as a way of working that will be the majority in the not-too-distant future.

Lenovo understands all of this and has developed the devices we’re going to talk about today, so that they are a benchmark around the new needs of workers today and in the future.

Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub

ThinkSmart Hub is an extension Conference room system Compatible with Microsoft Teams that can make conferences more productive due to the power it conferred. It is easy to implement and perfectly adapts to any room that offers the best experiences, interacting without any difficulty with the rest of the participants.

This device will make meetings even better, as it adapts very easily to different types of rooms with a range of accessories chosen to offer the best solution for your always-on use.

As you well know, security in the meetings of any company is a very important issue. Well, ThinkSmart Hub comes equipped with ThinkShield Solutions From Lenovo, so protection is guaranteed.

Windows Lenovo

Also includes Windows 10 loT Enterprise It is pre-installed as a full version of Windows 10 with specialized features for creating custom devices that are limited to a specific set of applications and peripherals. Lenovo recommends Windows 10 Pro for business, so having this OS in ThinkSmart Hub is a guarantee in terms of security, stability and performance, as it makes a difference in all of these areas.

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On ThinkSmart Hub, it’s already configured Microsoft Teams, The platform created for group productivity, which is ideal for communication and collaboration between many people, as we can create a chat for different channels to organize teams, with the ability to send private messages between all team members. All this combined with video conferencing, where all participants can interact in the best possible way.

Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub

Axis screen is 10.1 inches 360 degrees and accuracy High accuracy. The processor is the chip Intel Core i5 with vPro technology. In terms of design, we can say a little that it cannot be seen with the naked eye, because it indicates quality, with a peculiarity that we found really interesting, it integrates a single cable that carries power, video signal, network data and USB connection.

Lenovo knows that audio is an essential part of any type of video conferencing, which is why it has been integrated into the ThinkSmart Hub Four speakers In addition to A network of microphones Capable of capturing the voice of all meeting participants.

Lenovo ThinkSmart View

ThinkSmart View

The other Lenovo device we’ll talk about is designed for single workstations and for you to download tasks like conversations, calls, voicemail, video conferencing, and calendars, among other things, from your computer.

The ThinkSmart View It is designed to take care of both the managerial and the collaborative aspects. When we need to hold a meeting via Microsoft Teams using this device Everything will be much easier and simpler, Without having to rely on a computer for it, as it is completely autonomous.

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We can use it to do Audio or video calls or meetings And all this has a completely clean and powerful sound (10W), thanks to the excellent microphones and speakers, without ever interfering with the work we do on our computer.

ThinkSmart View

Since Lenovo understands the importance of security today, ThinkSmart View includes it Various security measures To ensure the greatest possible privacy, in addition to the camera shutter and microphone mute button.

One of its most important assets is this ThinkSmart View design, as it can be integrated into any type of environment without the slightest problem.

Thanks to the solutions provided by Lenovo, collaborative work will be much easier and more productive, something that will have an impact on the good performance of the company, not only now but also in the future as these systems will be more necessary.

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