Learn about the latest changes to visa processing to the United States

On Saturday, May 7th, the United States Embassy in Colombia handed over Update the status of visa services and announced changes to the procedure for accessing the document. Adjustments are specific to the time of the visa application, as no interview will be required for a few months.

For several months here, the US Embassy in Colombia has carried out many actions, after the COVID-19 epidemic has delayed some operations, which was reflected in the backlog of appointments, passports and visa issuance.

While the embassy offices are reorganizing these procedures and speeding up the processes requested by Colombians once again, this entity has been active with regard to the questions raised by citizens in the process of issuing and renewing visas.

Via a live broadcast on social networks, the US Embassy has made important announcements to those interested in processing the renewal and visa application, among others.

According to the institution, it has succeeded in overcoming the technical problems that prevented citizens from canceling their appointments for visa renewals without the need for an interview, so that from now on this procedure can be carried out without setbacks.

“We had technical issues with our appointment system, but we are happy to announce that we have overcome them. The embassy official explained that all persons eligible for the visa-free process without an interview can now request an appointment to leave their passport with us and process the application.

Keep in mind that although this process will now be available, people hoping to renew their US visa will have to continue to wait in a long queue, as the official announced that at the moment there was a significant crowding in the process.

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On the other hand, according to the embassy, ​​there are about 17 thousand passports waiting in the facilities of the institution. Under this situation, these citizens should know that the average waiting time for renewal is two to three months. In light of this, the official called on citizens to be patient while simplifying these processes.

Finally, the US Embassy has estimated that in four months, around November of this year, you will have already overcome the passport jam and visa renewal process without interviewing, which takes a long time. The average waiting time is three weeks, not three months as it is now.

The embassy explained that there is a system for applying for a visa without an interview, which will now take two to three months. The previous system was that people who already had a visa of the same category or who were under 14 or over 79, could apply for the exemption. “In the new process – which will come into effect from April 12 – When someone fills out the visa application in our system, the system will determine if the person qualifies for the visa without an interview,” I will comment.

From that moment on, the Embassy program will offer you an appointment to drop off your passport at the Bogotá office. with this, The entity will not keep this document that is important to the citizen for a long time during the visa approval waiting period. “There are people who may need to travel outside the country at that time and need their passport,” the entity added.

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As indicated by the embassy The option to send papers such as passports via DHL will not be available, Instead, there will be a wait for these documents to be delivered by appointment. “We believe that through this process you will provide a more convenient service to the applicants, because their passports will be at the embassy for less time: it is weeks rather than months.” The official concluded.

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